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This page contains regular updates from the Chief Resident.
Updated 5 Sep 2013


Quick Reference Information

Clinic Assignments,
Rotation Schedules

Academic Presentation & Other Schedules

Renewal Courses


Medical Home Teams

*Updated 5 Sep 13*

CPC Schedule 2014-2015

PALS Schedule & Application
Renewal due Spring 2014 for PGY-2

See Scutdog Online/Rotation Pages

Continuity Clinic Day Assignments 2014-2015
*Updated 30 Jun 14*

Journal Club Schedule 2014-2015

BLS Schedule

Email Program Director

Email Chief Resident

Email Program Coordinator

Ward Intern Night Float Schedule
*Updated 30 Jun 14 *

C4 Schedule
(Army PGY-3 and Navy PGY-1)

NRP Schedule
Renewal due Spring 2014 for PGY-2


MICC Intern Night Float Schedule
*Updated 30 Jun 14 *

  Nelson's Essentials Reading Plan

BLS/ACLS/PALS Application



CHCS Booking Keys Handout
*Updated 19 Nov*

CNMC Rotator information
*Updated 5 Sep 13*
Rotating Resident Packet
DC Medical Training License application
DC Medical Training Registrant Form (unlicensed residents)


Board Review
General  Pediatrics Content Specifications
*Updated 2 Dec 12*


Additional Residency Resources

Military To-Do List

Annual Military Training

C4 “Helpful Hints”; Navy C4 Travel Information

Army POV Inspection Form

Navy TAD Instructions (doc); TAD SOP (ppt); SF 182; SF 1164

Uniform: Service Equivalence Chart; JTF Directive; ASU ALARACT




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