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Lectures & Presentations


All presentations are copyright of the author and NCC Pediatrics.

2020 Lectures
Hearing Screening (Feleppelle)


Scroll to the Bottom for the Milestones, ECG, Syndrome & Chemotherapy Quizzes


General Pediatrics Collection

Critical Care Collection

Primary Care Collection

ADHD (Coll)

Acute Airway Obstruction (Crit Care Staff)

Allergic Rhinitis (Waibel)

Brain Death (Hoover)

Childhood Obesity (Emerick)

Croup (Dobson)

Death & Dying Issues (Creamer)

Humanitarian Assistance Collection

Head Lice (Gorman)

Emergency Asthma (Creamer)

Introduction to HA Missions

Pediatric Environmental Health (Johnson)

Hemodynamics (Creamer)

Oral Rehydration Therapy (Yu)

Pediatric Jeopardy Template (Gorman)

ICP & Head Trauma (Smith)

Standards of Care & Your Frame of Reference

SIDS (Schmidt)

Pediatric ARDS Update (Hoover)


Peds & Adult Sepsis (Creamer)

Infectious Disease Collection

Adolescent Collection

PICU Primer I (Creamer)

Antibiotics for Pediatric Diseases (McMillan)

Adolescent Back Pain (Evans)

PICU Primer II (Creamer)

HSV (Burnett)

Adolescent Contraception (Hutchinson)

Sedation (Creamer)

Infectious Mononucleosis (Goldberg)

Adolescents & Drugs (Hutchinson)

Neonatal Sepsis (Spencer)

Fever in the Young Infant (Eberly)

Adolescent Emergencies (Robinson)


Osteomyelitis (Peds ID Staff)

Adolescence & Gangs (Coleman)


TORCH Infections (Maranich)

Adolescent Nutrition (Camp)

Developmental Collection 


Domestic Violence (Abraham)

Angelman Syndrome (Dobson)

Neonatology Collection

Eating Disorders (Abraham)

Developmental & Community Medicine

Infant of a Diabetic Mother (Tate)

Intro to Adolescent Medicine (Abraham)

Non-Stimulant Medications for ADHD (Coll)

Kernicterus (NICU Staff)

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (McDermott)

Rett Syndrome (Dobson)

Necrotizing Enterocolitis (Nicklay-Catalan)

Teen Pregnancy (Adelman)

YouTube: Zipping the Neural Tube (Erdie-Lalena)

Neonatal Cyanosis  (Lefkowitz)


Neonatal Emergencies (Englert)

Cardiology Collection

Emergency Medicine Collection

Neonatal Emergencies (Tate)

Cardiac Emergencies (Burklow)

Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia (Kravitz)

Congestive Heart Failure (Burklow)


Neonatal Respiratory Disorders (Greenwald)

Endocarditis (Burklow)

Endocrinology Collection

Newborn Screening (Lefkowitz)

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (Burklow)

Cryptorchidism (Powers)


Introduction to Pediatric ECGs (Burklow)

DKA (Bauer)


Kawasaki’s Disease (Burklow)

Hypothyroidism (Sherman)

Nephrology/Urology Collection

Neonatal Cardiology (Farrell)

Inborn Errors of Metabolism (Ellefson)

Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (Gorman)

Post-Operative CHD

Metabolic Diseases (Camp)

Pediatric Hypertension (Gorman)

The T’s (Burklow)

Outpatient Management of Diabetes (Francis)

Pediatric Renal Transplants (Yao)

Sudden Cardiac Death in Children (Burklow)

Type I Diabetes (Vogt)

Voiding Dysfunction (Roscelli)

Rickets (Vogt)


Chem/Bio Collection

Neurology & Neurosurg Collection

Anthrax (Goldberg)


Craniosynostosis (Gorman)

Inhalational Agents (Burklow)

GI/Nutrition Collection

Pediatric Dyskinesias (Switaj)

Mustard Gas (Yu)

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (Gorman) 

Pediatric Sleep Disorders (Gorman)

Nerve Agents (Rotenberg)

Encopresis (Piniero)

Skull Deformities (Evans)

Smallpox (Goldberg)

Enteral Nutrition (Piniero)

Weakness & Hypotonia (Young) 

GI Bleeding (Sullivan)


Child Protection Collection

IBD: Growth & Nutrition (AuYeung)


AFCCP Intro (Craig)

Infant Formulas (Camp)

Orthopedic Collection

Child Abuse & Neglect (USUHS Staff)

Inpatient Nutrition (Creamer)

 Pediatric Foot Deformities (Min)

Child Abuse: The Pediatrician’s Roles(Grigsby)

Intussusception (Piniero)

Non-Accidental Trauma (USUHS Staff)

Neonatal Cholestasis (GI Staff)

Pulmonary Collection


Pediatric Obesity (Camp)

Embryology, Anatomy & Anomalies of the Gut (O'Meara)

Tuberculosis (Patterson)



Wheezing (Lipton) 





Hematology/Oncology Collection


Intro to Pediatric Heme/Onc (Merino)




Thalassemia (Meng)



Transfusion Medicine (Harford)



On-Line Quizzes


Developmental Milestones Quizzes 

The Basics of All 4 streams.



Smith's Syndrome Quiz  

Test your recall of zebras and not so uncommon syndromes.


Pediatric EKG Quiz 

Do you know the cardinal EKG features of various congenital heart defects?


Chemotherapy Toxicity Quiz 

    Commonly watched for toxicities of common pediatric chemo agents.



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