Rotation at a Glance

Type of rotation: Required

Rotators: PGY1, PGY2, and PGY3

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Steve Spencer

Evaluation: mid-rotation verbal feedback and end of rotation written evaluation through electronic evaluation system

Schedule Requests : Discuss with Faculty Attending

Location: WR-B, Building 10, 3rd Floor West

Inpatient Ward

Rotations Goals & Objectives

Rotation Goals & Objectives for Inpatient Ward

Resources & References

Admission SOP (Aug 2011)

Admissions and Discharges Policy Update (Jan 2013)

Pediatric Intermediate Care Policy (Jan 2013)

Admission Request Form - fax to:  295-2284 and call: 295-2126

Pediatric Transport Lecture

Transport Intake-Draft Copy

Reliability of PEWS scores (Pediatrics 2010)

Ward Order Sets-Draft Copy


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