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Clinical Resources for NCCPeds

Lecture Repository

Morning Conference lectures are posted for consultation and reference.

Interactive Quizzes

Four quizzes are available on chemotherapy, EKG, Syndromes, and Developmental Milestones.

Inpatient Links




WRAMC Anesthesia/OR Scheduling Card

MICC Newborn Order SOP

CHARM Policy

AHLTA Growth Curves: Male & Female

2010 CDC Recs for GBS prevention

RRT Policy

Asthma Action Plan

AAP Summary of GBS Recs

2010 Scutdog Emergency Management

CDC Growth Charts

Creamer's Acute Care Guide

C.O.G. Pharmacology Manual

Ordering a  Home Biliblanket

DKA Clinical Practice Guideline WRB

Empyema Decision Flowchart

Dave�s Tips for the NICU

DKA Flowsheet

Formula Preparation

Iowa Neonatology Handbook

Mechanical Vent Simulator

Fortifying Breastmilk

Neonatology on the Web

Ketogenic Diet Inpatient Protocol


Nephrology Calculators


Nutrition Rounds Worksheet

Nutritional Deficiency Overview

WR-B Admission Request Form




VIPER Handouts

Pediatric ICU Course Online

Asthma Emergency Action Plan

Hemodynamic Monitoring & Support

Resident ICU Course Online

Emergency Nutrition for Sick Kids

Hypovolemic Shock

Pediatric Transfusions

External Jugular Placement

ICP Management


HELP Pediatric Pain Handout

Intraosseous Needle Placement

Preparation for Intubation

HELP Pediatric Spinal Handout

Inotropes & Vasoactive Drugs

Sedation for Ventilated Patients


Pediatric Burns

Status Epilepticus


WHO Antibiotics

Pediatric Primary Care and Specialty Links

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