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Above the Clouds

Air Force Structure

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Air Force History

- Forged in the skies in WWI

- National Security Act in 1947

- Separate service in 1947 

Air Force Mission

Fly, fight, and win... in air, space, and cyberspace. 

Air Force Structure 

Write a bio for each team member. Make it short and informative to keep your visitors engaged.

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Aviation Show

Andrews AFB Leadership and Support Staff for 316 HCOS

Maj Daniel Thurow, WRNMMC Element Flight Commander

Col Mark Rieker, Commander, 316th HCOS 

Ms. Karen Harper, Secretary to Col Rieker (contact first)

Ms. Laurie Creel, Medical Training Program Administrator

Walter Reed Air Force Leadership 

Capt Leela Patel, AF Chief Resident

Maj Richard Zanetti, AF Associate Program Director

Lt Col Susan Whiteway, AF Assistant Chief in the Department of Pediatrics 

Image by Bob Smith
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