Leave Policy

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  • Complete and sign the attached Travel Risk Assessment (note that this is an UPDATED form as of Jan 2022 and is more comprehensive than the old, Excel spreadsheet version). 

  • Submit TRA to Capt Patel or Maj Zanetti to sign in the "supervisor or commander" box.  

  • Once the TRA has a supervisor's signature, upload the form to your request in LeaveWeb(, and ensure that all other details are complete in the request. 

  • Submit LeaveWeb requests to: 

    • Capt Leela Patel and Maj Richard Zanetti as primary and backup approver if it is a local leave request (i.e. within 8 h by train, plane, or automobile)​

    • Col Mark Rieker, 316 HCOS Squadron Commander, if you have a negative leave balance. 


*For LeaveWeb: update profile if needed: MAJCOM is "AFDW," Base is "Andrews," and Unit is "KC-316 HEALTH CARE OPERATIONS SQ"

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