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Leave Policy

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  • Complete and sign the attached Travel Risk Assessment (note that this is an UPDATED form as of Jan 2022 and is more comprehensive than the old, Excel spreadsheet version). 

  • Submit TRA to CPT Bumgardner or LtCol Zanetti to sign in the "supervisor or commander" box.  

  • Once the TRA has a supervisor's signature, upload the form to your request in LeaveWeb, and ensure that all other details are complete in the request. 

  • Submit LeaveWeb requests to: 

    • CPT Brittany Bumgardner and LtCol Richard Zanetti as primary and backup approver if it is a local leave request (i.e. within 8 h by train, plane, or automobile)​

    • Col Mark Rieker, 316 HCOS Squadron Commander, if you have a negative leave balance. 


*For LeaveWeb: update profile if needed: MAJCOM is "AFDW," Base is "Andrews," and Unit is "KC-316 HEALTH CARE OPERATIONS SQ"

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Air Force Leave Policy (AFI)

Note: Base specific circumstances may exist 

Leave is the way to communicate "I am unavailable and cannot be called upon in an emergency"

1. Leave must begin and end in the local area

2. Leave should be taken on any duty day you will not be at work (M-F, not including federal holidays)

3. Leave should be taken on any non-duty day when you are more than 8 hours by car (no set mileage limit) from your duty station or are traveling anywhere by air

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