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National Capital Consortium Pediatrics

A Tri-Service Pediatric Residency Program

About Us

The National Capital Consortium Pediatric Residency, located at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, is the largest and only tri-service military pediatric training program. The NCC Pediatrics Residency traces its heritage to the pediatric training programs founded in 1949 at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center by Colonel Ogden Bruton, MD and in 1954 at the National Naval Medical Center. The programs combined in 1995, and the hospitals completed the integration in 2011 with the dedication of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The program and its faculty have a distinguished track record of training pediatricians who have proven themselves capable of caring for children in any environment - in tertiary care hospitals, isolated duty stations, and the austere conditions of humanitarian and battlefield crises.


Interested in our Program?

Residents are active duty medical officers and are selected from the graduating classes of the Uniformed Services University and the Health Professions Scholarship Program or Health Professions Commissioning Program

5 Reasons to Train at the NCC

Pediatrician Examining Infant

Reason No. 1

Train in the Only Tri-Service Military Pediatric Program

Military pediatrics operates in joint environments - ask anyone who has deployed. Your future NCC colleagues from the Army, Navy, and Air Force will provide an unmatched global network of pediatricians during your career.

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