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Continuity Curriculum

On every continuity clinic day from 1215-1300,

faculty and residents discuss common pediatric topics

Fall 2023


Spring 2024


Other Available Modules

Murmurs (Spring 2016)

Headache (Spring 2024)

Operational Medicine: Fort Belvoir Range & Firearm Safety (Spring 2015)

Adolescent Medicine: Confidentiality & Consent

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Spring 2016)

Professionalism –Rap Sheets (Spring 2015) 

Adolescent II: Menstrual Irregularities

Medical Home Module: Population Health Management

Autism for Primary Care (Spring 2019)

Operational Medicine: Temporary Medical Conditions (Spring 2017)

Operational Medicine: Hyperbaric & Dive Medicine (Spring 2019)

Down Syndrome (Spring 2017)

Adolescent Medicine IV: STIs

Depression (Spring 2019)

Development IV: Psychoeducational Testing

Cultural Competency: Something the Lord Made (Spring 2017)

Operational Medicine: AAFB Tour (Spring 2017)

Medical Home Module 3: Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Sports Pre-participation Physical-II (Spring 2017)

Knee and Ankle Pain (Spring 2018)


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