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Navy Basics

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Navy Promotions, FITREPs and Evals


What are they?

Annual report that ultimately goes to the promotion board showing (hopefully) what a great Naval Officer you are and how much you do for the Navy!

Quick Facts

  • Completed in the NAVFIT98A program on every Navy computer (eNavFit coming soon)

  • You will either write your first draft, a brag sheet, or both!

  • At some commands you will edit and pass up enlisted evals, some you will be the reporting senior, some you won’t see them at all

  • Use lingo that anyone can understand: not medical

  • Can ask for last FITREP/EVAL as examples

  • Formatting on screen ≠ printed formatting in NAVFIT98A

    • Print as you go to make sure lines aren’t being cut off

  • If you’re editing, this is your chance to show how great or not so great this sailor is! 

FITREP timeline.jpg

Always have these up to date and ready to go:

  • Routing Sheet

  • CV

  • Brag Sheet

  • Last FITREPs/LoE

  • .DOC Format Block 29/41

  • NAVFIT 98A File

  • Leave, TAD, Deployment Dates

  • Due Date

  • PRT Results


  • Air bubbles

  • 2 of 2 getting MP

  • Moving Left

  • <5.0 in Leadership

  • Trait average <RSA

  • Typos/Spelling/Jargon

  • Wasted Space

  • Date Gaps

  • Improper Formatting

  • Rushed

  • Fail to Include “Soft Breakout”

Need extra help or a step by step walk through?

CAPT Joel Schofer has it covered!

FITREP back.jpg
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