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Plan of the Week: Dec 4 - Dec 10

Plays of the Week:

Play of the week goes to Drs. Alex Mauro and Lisa Sukenaga, for helping out the NICU during their ward shift with a ELBW infant delivery, resuscitation, and UVC/UAC line placement. The NICU team appreciated their help and eagerness to learn!

Play of the week also goes to Drs. Bailey Howard and Nick Kondiles, who did an excellent job resuscitating late-preterm twins this week! Dr. Howard responded quickly and calmly to save a life when her patient developed secondary apnea. Bravo Zulu to both!

Play of the week also goes to CAPT Kevin O'Meara, who received an Army MSM and DMS Director's Coin for his 6+ month deployment to Qatar providing outstanding leadership as a military pediatrician caring for Afghan patients and US military personnel in the region.

Last, but not least, Play of the Week goes to Dr. Billy Bennett, who matched into Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship at Johns Hopkins!





Time and Location


Monday, 12/5

MR: Case and Nephrology Lecture, Lechner

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Reproductive Health Symposium hosted by the USUHS Gynecologic Surgery & Obstetrics Department

1230 - 1630 Sanford Auditorium, USUHS

or Zoom Passcode: 975304

All welcome

Tuesday, 12/6

MR: Case and PI Working Session

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Wednesday, 12/7

Grand Rounds: A Trauma-Informed Approach

to Pediatric Clinical Care, Binny Chokshi, MD, MEd

0745 - 0845 Room A3, Bldg A, USUHS and Virtual Zoom Platform Meeting ID: 999 6780 8867

Passcode: 7271775

All welcome; outpatient residents are strongly encouraged to attend in-person

Thursday, 12/8

MR: CPC, Jack

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome