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Plan of the Week: Feb 12 - 18

Updated: Feb 15

Plays of the Week:

Play of the week goes to Dr. Alex Mauro, for her exceptional leadership skills as the senior resident in the clinic juggling appointment adjustments and last-minute changes.

Play of the week also goes to Dr. Andrew Warren, who has excelled under pressure and the acute NICU census bump, all with a positive attitude!

Play of the week goes the NICU fellows during their HALOsim. Pericardial tamponades are NO MATCH for them! #pericardiocentesis #practicemakesperfect #HALOsim

Play of the week also goes to Dr. David Myles, who went above and beyond for a patient's family by escorting them and monitoring their pulse ox while waiting for X-ray.

Other BIG Announcements:

  • We are excited to announce that LTC Rohul Amin has been officially selected as the next GME Chief at Walter Red!! LTC Rohul Amin is currently the Psychiatry Residency Program director and brings a wealth of both institutional and academic expertise! LTC Amin will have an official start date of 20 Feb 2023 to allow time to transition into the role.

🎉 Congratulations to all who have recently received their new military assignments:

NCC Pediatric Residency Class for 2023:

  • CPT Ben Jack: Ft Stewart (MAP)

  • CPT Nick Kondiles: Ft Riley MEDDAC

  • LCDR(Sel) Alex Mauro: MCAS Iwakuni

  • CPT Elizabeth Rahman: Camp Humphreys

  • Maj Sharen Wilson: University of Maryland NICU Fellowship Program

NCC Pediatric Fellowship Class of 2023:

  • Endocrinology

  • MAJ Sarah Anisowicz: TAMC (Incoming Program Director)

  • Heme/Onc

  • MAJ Benjamin Smith: WRNMMC

  • ID

  • CPT Blake Cirks: MAMC

  • NICU

  • LCDR Chase Groomes: NMCP

  • CPT Theresa Urbina: MAMC

NCC Pediatric Staff Incoming

  • Adolescent

  • LTC Shaprina Williams

  • Endocrinology

  • LTC Rachael Paz

  • LTC Anthony Recupero

  • Gen Peds

  • CPT Brittany Bumgardner

  • Heme/Onc

  • MAJ Benjamin Smith

  • NICU

  • MAJ Mathew Harrell

NCC Pediatric Staff Outgoing

  • COL Brent Lechner: West Point

Good luck to all of those who are presenting at the AMSUS Annual Meeting this week!





Time and Location


Sunday, 2/12 start of Cardiac Professionals Week 🫀

Monday, 2/13 Block 10 Start

MR: Case & Orient to Service

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Tuesday, 2/14 Valentine's Day 💕

MR: Resident Wellness

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

Medical students, residents only

Hospitalist Meeting

0800 - 0900 America Bldg Rm 4638

Peds Hospitalists

Peds DEI Committee Meeting

1800 - 1900 Zoom Meeting ID: 991 8204 8002

Passcode: 761497

DEI Committee

Wednesday, 2/15 Britt Bumgardner's Birthday 🎉

Grand Rounds: "Framing the Issue: Racial Disparities in the Military Health System," Dr. Tracey Pérez Koehlmoos, Director of the Center for Health Services Research

and Doctoral Programs in Public Health Professor (with tenure) of Preventive Medicine & Biostatistics, USUHS

0745 - 0845 Room A3, Bldg A, USUHS Virtual Zoom Platform; Meeting ID: 999 6780 8867

Passcode: 7271775

All welcome; outpatient residents and faculty are strongly encouraged to attend in-person