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Plan of the Week: Feb 12 - 18

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Plays of the Week:

Play of the week goes to Dr. Alex Mauro, for her exceptional leadership skills as the senior resident in the clinic juggling appointment adjustments and last-minute changes.

Play of the week also goes to Dr. Andrew Warren, who has excelled under pressure and the acute NICU census bump, all with a positive attitude!

Play of the week goes the NICU fellows during their HALOsim. Pericardial tamponades are NO MATCH for them! #pericardiocentesis #practicemakesperfect #HALOsim

Play of the week also goes to Dr. David Myles, who went above and beyond for a patient's family by escorting them and monitoring their pulse ox while waiting for X-ray.

Other BIG Announcements:

  • We are excited to announce that LTC Rohul Amin has been officially selected as the next GME Chief at Walter Red!! LTC Rohul Amin is currently the Psychiatry Residency Program director and brings a wealth of both institutional and academic expertise! LTC Amin will have an official start date of 20 Feb 2023 to allow time to transition into the role.

🎉 Congratulations to all who have recently received their new military assignments:

NCC Pediatric Residency Class for 2023:

  • CPT Ben Jack: Ft Stewart (MAP)

  • CPT Nick Kondiles: Ft Riley MEDDAC

  • LCDR(Sel) Alex Mauro: MCAS Iwakuni

  • CPT Elizabeth Rahman: Camp Humphreys

  • Maj Sharen Wilson: University of Maryland NICU Fellowship Program

NCC Pediatric Fellowship Class of 2023:

  • Endocrinology

    • MAJ Sarah Anisowicz: TAMC (Incoming Program Director)

  • Heme/Onc

    • MAJ Benjamin Smith: WRNMMC

  • ID

    • CPT Blake Cirks: MAMC

  • NICU

    • LCDR Chase Groomes: NMCP

    • CPT Theresa Urbina: MAMC

NCC Pediatric Staff Incoming

  • Adolescent

    • LTC Shaprina Williams

  • Endocrinology

    • LTC Rachael Paz

    • LTC Anthony Recupero

  • Gen Peds

    • CPT Brittany Bumgardner

  • Heme/Onc

    • MAJ Benjamin Smith

  • NICU

    • MAJ Mathew Harrell

NCC Pediatric Staff Outgoing

  • COL Brent Lechner: West Point

Good luck to all of those who are presenting at the AMSUS Annual Meeting this week!





Time and Location


Sunday, 2/12 start of Cardiac Professionals Week 🫀

Monday, 2/13 Block 10 Start

MR: Case & Orient to Service

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Tuesday, 2/14 Valentine's Day 💕

MR: Resident Wellness

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

Medical students, residents only

Hospitalist Meeting

0800 - 0900 America Bldg Rm 4638

Peds Hospitalists

Peds DEI Committee Meeting

1800 - 1900 Zoom Meeting ID: 991 8204 8002

Passcode: 761497

DEI Committee

Wednesday, 2/15 Britt Bumgardner's Birthday 🎉

Grand Rounds: "Framing the Issue: Racial Disparities in the Military Health System," Dr. Tracey Pérez Koehlmoos, Director of the Center for Health Services Research

and Doctoral Programs in Public Health Professor (with tenure) of Preventive Medicine & Biostatistics, USUHS

0745 - 0845 Room A3, Bldg A, USUHS Virtual Zoom Platform; Meeting ID: 999 6780 8867

Passcode: 7271775

All welcome; outpatient residents and faculty are strongly encouraged to attend in-person

Thursday, 2/16

MR: Case and Otitis Media/Otoscopy Hands-On Session, Lopreiato

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome; please bring your own otoscope (if possible), there will be some available as well

Friday, 2/17

MR: Case and Rickets Lecture, McConnell

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Save the Date 🗓

Upcoming Birthdays 🎉

20FEB: President's Day (Outpt Clinics Closed)

10MAR: Alexis Ghersi

21FEB: Mardi Gras and rising PGY2/3 Schedule Selection

22FEB: Ash Wednesday

24FEB: Thank a Resident Day

9MAR: Kondiles CPC

Do you have a birthday that you want added to the calendar? Email/text Britt



All Staff Updates

Black History Month Highlight:

- The theme for Black History Month 2023 is Black Resistance

- Check out the National Library of Medicine exhibit, “Binding Wounds, Pushing Boundaries” currently displayed at WRNMMC for the entire month of February. The exhibit is a series of 6 banners chronicling African-American men and women who served as surgeons and nurses during the civil war. If you don’t have the chance to visit, you can still experience the exhibit virtually. We’ve also added several additional DEI resources on the page at our library’s website (Binding Wounds, Pushing Boundaries: African Americans in Civil War Medicine: Home)

Harvard Medical School-Fenway Health LGBTQIA+ Health Fellowship Seminars

  • The LGBTQIA+ Health Fellowship is offering free attendance for senior residents and fellows to their longitudinal seminars on Friday afternoons.

  • Session topics:

  • Register here:

  • Topics

    • LGBTQIA+ health inequities and their drivers

    • Socioecological approaches for advancing LGBTQIA+ health equity

    • LGBTQIA+ health clinical program development

    • LGBTQIA+ health clinical quality improvement

    • LGBTQIA+ community engagement

    • LGBTQIA+ health policy and advocacy

    • LGBTQIA+ health professional education

    • LGBTQIA+ health data collection and research

    • Fundraising to support LGBTQIA+ health initiatives

    • LGBTQIA+ health media training

    • Mentorship for LGBTQIA+ mentees and mentors

  • Two webinars are currently scheduled; register below:

Limited Ped ID Availability

  • The entire Peds ID group will be in MHS Genesis training on Wed Feb 15 from 0800-1200, and will not be able to see consults at that time. If you need an urgent response during that 4-hour period, please send an AMS connect message.

  • Similarly, Peds ID group will not be able to see consults on Thurs Feb 16 from 0900-1100 (clinic patients) and from 1300-1700 (MHS Genesis). If you have a consult on Thurs, please let us know ASAP so we can squeeze them in during free periods.

Additional Mental Health Services

  • Telemynd is an option for Tricare beneficiaries for accessing psychiatry/psychology services:

  • Contracted through Humana Military and does not require a referral in most cases

MHS Genesis Updates:

Important Announcements

  • “Soft Go-Live”: Saturday, 25MAR

  • MHS Genesis Patient Portal will be replacing our Tricare Online (TOL) platform after “Go Live.”

  • WRNMMC Command reviewed and approved an updated clinical reductions plan that will now maintain only a 25% reduction in inpatient bed capacity through both the “pre-Go Live” and “Go-Live” MHS Genesis phases (24FEB-NLT 21MAY2023), as opposed to the previously planned 50% reduction during “Go Live”

Mock Go-Live Events (27FEB-3MAR): provides a hands-on opportunity to reinforce the skills acquired during training and practice end-to-end workflow

Pre-Go-Live Events (27FEB-17MAR):

  • Includes sign-on fair, favorites fair, and learning lab (see below for descriptions)

  • It is highly recommended that you attend these events to ensure you are ready to go with the roll-out

  • How to sign-up for the sign-on fair and favorites fair: —> Course Library —> 20433 MHS Genesis Sign-On Fair (SOF)

    • You should go to the sign-on fair FIRST, followed by the favorites fair (ideally immediately after, but you can return at any point)

Sign-on Fair (SOF)

Favorites Fair (FF)

Learning Lab (LL)

COVID Updates

Updated USECDEF COVID-19 FHP guidance highlights:

  • BLUF: iless restrictions at various HPCON levels (such as visitor access and gatherings), removal of mandatory vaccination requirement for active duty and civilians, removal of process for exemptions since it is no longer mandatory, and removal of six feet of physical distancing. For healthcare settings, it specifically states that “masking of patients, visitors, and personnel working in DoD health care facilities (including military medical, dental, and veterinary treatment facilities) will occur in accordance with CDC guidelines.”

    • DHA has indicated they will be revising their mask/covid policy now that FHP has been updated, however at this time WRNMMC will not be adjusting our mask-wear policy until we receive further guidance.

  • Additional highlights

    • The requirement to ask about COVID-19 vaccination status is rescinded.

    • The requirement for Service members to be vaccinated is rescinded. Of note, it had already been rescinded by the 10 January 2023 SECDEF memo, this just formalizes it.

    • Workplace screening testing based on vaccination status is rescinded.

    • Individuals exposed to someone with COVID-19 are no longer required to quarantine. Instead, they are required to mask indoors for 10 days following contact. Service members in the workplace must test at least once 5 full days following exposure (this is being clarified).

    • MTF mask requirements will follow CDC guidance for healthcare settings. The additional requirement to follow OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) is rescinded.

    • Workplace occupancy limits for each HPCON level are removed.

    • In-person meetings, events and conferences where the Community Level is High no longer require approval at the Service Secretary/Undersecretary level.

    • Travelers shall follow Host Nation and GCC requirements ROM and entry requirements.

    • Masks are now recommended, not required on DoD conveyances (e.g. aircraft, maritime vessels, and busses)

    • Requirements to socially distance 6 feet are modified or rescinded. The updated definition of physically distancing is to “Maintain separation between individuals and prevent crowding in areas.”

Memo - Consolidated Department of Defense Coronavirus Disease 2019 Force Health Protection
Download • 694KB


Resident-Specific Updates

Don't forget to reach out to your Block 10 Rotation Supervisors regarding your schedule. View the attachment below for the most up-to-date contact information.

Rotation Contacts_for residents_UPDATED JAN 2023
Download PDF • 69KB

Transition to Practice (PGY-3s only)

  • This week's focus: ABP General Pediatrics Certifying Exam

    • View the "Pre-Graduation Handbook" on the Transition to Practice webpage

    • The window for registering for your boards is currently open and will close on 3/31.

  • Additionally, please take a minute to fill out this brief form for the AAP to let them know your plans after you complete residency training. They have membership options with different prices and benefits, and this information helps to connect you to the right path. For residents continuing to a Chief year, please let them know that as well. Thank you!


Educational/Teaching Opportunities

USU Teaching Opportunities

Clerkship Round Robin (recurring throughout the year)

Cardiopulmonary Renal Module Sessions (Jan-Feb)

Humanities Week: March 2023


Research Opportunities & Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences:

AAP Advocacy Conference: March 26-28th in Washington, DC

2023 Helfer Annual Meeting: April 16-19th in Tucson, Arizona as well as virtually

Partnership for Military Child Health Research Symposium: April 26th

Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Conference 2023: April 27-May 1st in Washington, DC

Military Health System Research Symposium






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