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Plan of the Week: January 28th - February 3rd

Plays of the Week:

Play of the week to the entire Ward team last Sunday, January 21st who were able to recognize, initiate, and admirably perform a code on a patient on 3W. We never expect something like that to happen on our Ward, but the team reacted quickly and provided optimal care. Everyone from the nurses, medical students, RT, residents, and attendings were invaluable and played a critical role. Thank you for your hard work and setting an example for the rest of the hospital.

Congratulations to Ms. Annie Francis, NP McGirt, Dr. Hoffner, Ms. Linda Ogbonna, and HN Dyanna Keiji who won ACE awards (A Culture of Excellence). Well deserved!

Play of the week to Dr. Brandon Neal and the rest of the Community Outreach and Advocacy Committee for their MLK Day of Service Event. Great attendance from our NCC Peds Community!

Another play of the week to Dr. Brandon Neal, for his attendance of the Phi Delta Epsilon's International Convention. Way to take advantage of a great opportunity!

Congratulations to everyone accepted to present at the APA Conference in Charlottesville on February 24th!:

A Tough Pill to Swallow: Congenital Glottic Stenosis in a Neonate with Respiratory Distress and Aphonia

Authors: Kayla Sallander, MD; Taylor Meyers, MD; John Paul Schacht, DO; Rebecca Hicks, MMSc, CGC

VACTERL-L: A Unique Presentation of VACTERL Association with Pulmonary Manifestations

Martin, N, Zven SE, Hasler M, McNamara RC, Sukenaga L, Schacht JP, Smith KD, Weber Z.

Increasing Discharge Follow-Up Appointments from Pediatric Ward in Military Health System

Ghersi, A, Crutcher, R, Broughton, P, Goetzman, H, Zanetti, R

Travel Health Needs of Children in US Military Families Stationed Abroad

Amy Davis

Open Your Eyes to a New Variation of Ethylmalonic Encephalopathy

Westbrook, K, Davis, A, Goetzman, J, Caballero, M, Kolasinski, N, Schacht, J, Arora, S

Assessing the Accuracy of Pediatric Faculty in Performing the Infant Hip Exam

Liggett, C, Martin, N, Graziose, B, Zven, S, Lopreiato, J

To Steal or Not to Steal: A Rare Pediatric Case of Congenital Isolated Left Subclavian Artery

Ghersi, A, Molter, N, Mauro, A, Mulreany, M, May, J.

Please let me know of any other acceptances!

Today, 28JAN, is the final day to submit abstracts for the NCR Research Competition. If you are considering submitting, I would highly encourage going ahead and doing it!





Time and Location


Monday, 1/29

Education Meeting

0730 - 0850 America 2525

Academic & Military Advisors, Rotation Supervisors, Residency Leadership

Reverse Education

0745 - 0850 Canyon Conference Rm

Pediatric Residents Only

Tuesday, 1/30

MR: Case, Lecture: Dr. Kayla Sallander's Journal Club

0745-0850 America 2525

All Welcome

Wednesday, 1/31

MR: Case, Lecture: Blood Bank Part 2 - Dr. Cole

0745-0850 Canyon Conference Room - America 4th Fl

Thursday, 2/1

MR: Dr. Howard's CPC

0745-0850 America 2525

All Welcome

Friday, 2/2

MR: Case, Lecture: Endocrinology

0745-0850 America 2525

All Welcome

Save the Date 🗓

Upcoming Birthdays 🎉

28JAN: NCR Research Competition Abstracts Due

06FEB: DEI Health Equity Grand Rounds

08FEB: MDAAP Advocacy Day Event

09FEB: Nexplanon Training - Mascitti, Raymond, Fissel, Sukenaga, Davis, Martin

14FEB: Valentine's Day

19FEB: President's Day

Continuity Clinic: Over-the-Counter Medications

Journal Club:

Sallander- Journal Club
Download PDF • 863KB



All Staff Updates

Hard Copies of the new Scutdog are available in Chief Resident Office!

Faculty Development


Resident-Specific Updates

Transition to Practice (PGY-3s Only):

This week's focus: Registering for Boards

  • Please refer to "Pre-Graduation Handbook" located on the TTP Webpage

  • ABP Registration Dates and Fees:

  • Open Registration: January 16 - April 1st

  • Application Fee: $2,288

  • Late Registration: April 2nd - May 20th

  • Late Application Fee: $2,633

  • Once you register, please upload your remittance receipt to your MedHub portfolio

Block 9 Schedules

  • Don't forget to reach out to your Rotation Supervisors regarding your schedule if you have any questions/concerns. The below attachment has the most up-to-date contact information.

  • Additionally, check MedHub and review updated goals & objectives for your upcoming rotation!

Rotation Contacts_for residents_UPDATED October 2023
Download PDF • 136KB


Educational/Teaching Opportunities

USU Teaching Opportunities

Clerkship Round Robin (recurring throughout the year)

ICR Module Small Group Teaching Opportunities at USU

POET Round Robin Teaching at USU


Research Opportunities & Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences:

Region 4 Meeting: February 24-25th in Charlottesville, Virginia

PAS 2024: May 2nd-6th in Toronto, Ontario

AMOPS Annual Meeting: February 28th-March 2nd in Tulsa, Oklahoma

NCR Research and Innovation Month: Poster Week April 26th - May 3rd

4th Annual Partnership for Military Child Health Symposium: April 24th


Community Pediatrics Updates:

MDAAP Chapter Resident Advocacy Day

Thursday, February 8, 2024

7:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Annapolis, MD

Upcoming GMEC DEI Events:

GME Health Equity Rounds

Topic: Religious Accommodations

February 6, 2024, 1200-1300

Clark Auditorium

Attendees: All welcome!






Please reach out to Jack at or with any questions or concerns.

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