Plan of the Week: July 10 - July 16

Updated: Jul 12

Play of the Week:

Play of the week goes to Dr. Brian Graziose and the rest of the Social Committee for planning the first mixer of the year!





Time and Location


Monday, 7/11

MR: Case & Heme Emergencies Lecture, Dr. Clark

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Tuesday, 7/12

MR: Case & Blue Baby Lecture, Dr. Hughes

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Wednesday, 7/13

MR: Case & Child Abuse Workups/Emergencies Lecture, Dr. Brennan

0745 - 0850

America 2525 A

All welcome

Thursday, 7/14

MR: Case & Immunizations Lecture, Dr. Rajnik

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

ITE Group 1

0800 - 1200. Room 2C09, BLDG 85T

Graziose, Jack, Kondiles, Mauro, Reddington, Zven, Hasler, Davis, Martin, Warren

Friday, 7/15

MR: Wellness

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

Residents and Medical Students Only

Staff Meeting

0745 - 0850


Faculty and Staff Only

ITE Group 2

0800 - 1200. Room 2C09, BLDG 85T

Bennett, Rahman, Crutcher, Howard, Meyers, Hanciles, McNamara, Liggett

Saturday, 7/16

Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves Baseball Game


Medical Students and Residents Only

Save the Date

Upcoming Birthdays

​14-15, 27JUL: ITE

19JUL: Connor Liggett

25JUL: Block 2

31JUL: Alex Mauro

27JUL: Academic Half-Day

29JUL: COL Kimball-Eayrs Retirement Ceremony



Meet our Rotating Medical Students!


All Staff Updates

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Resident-Specific Updates

In-Training Exam (ITE)

The ITE is an opportunity to practice answering board-like questions and to assess your pediatric knowledge. It is a tool that we use to help you identify strengths and modify your individualized study plan to focus on areas for growth. Try to minimize stress as much as possible leading into this!

Testing Information:

  • When: 0800 on your designated day below. Once you start the exam, you will have 3 hours to complete the questions.

  • Where: Building 85T, Room 2C09 Computer Classroom **See detailed directions below**

  • What to Bring: Your personal laptop (as a backup) and your CAC.

  • What to Wear: Civilian clothing and a surgical mask! I recommend bringing layers- the room is typically on the colder side.

Residents taking the ITE on Thursday, July 14 in Room 2C09, BLDG 85T:

PGY-3: Graziose, Jack, Kondiles, Mauro, Reddington, Zven PGY-2: Hasler PGY-1: Davis, Martin, Warren

Residents taking the ITE on Friday, July 15 in Room 2C09, BLDG 85T:

PGY-3: Bennett, Rahman PGY-2: Crutcher, Howard, Meyers PGY-1: Hanciles, McNamara, Liggett

Residents taking the ITE on Wednesday, July 27 in Room 2C09, BLDG 85T:

PGY-3: Broughton, Goetzman, Wilson PGY-2: Ferraro, Ghersi, Lucido, Molter, Patel PGY-1: Sukenaga, Westbrook

Directions: Room 2C09 in Building 85T can be tricky to find! Please call me if you get lost or have questions.

1. Building 85T is the ophthalmology/optometry building across the street from the America Building. You can see it when looking through the windows in the clinic resident workroom in the America Building.

2. After entering the front door, take the elevators to your immediate left. If you hit the optometry office, then you have gone too far.

3. Go up to the 2nd floor then walk straight back.

4. When that hallway dead-ends, take a left. You will see a "Psychiatry Continuity Services" hanging sign in the middle of the hallway.

5. When that hallway dead-ends, take a right. At the turn, you will see a directional sign with an arrow to the right for UA, Radiation Safety, and others.

6. Go down the hallway almost until it dead-ends and the 2C09 computer classroom will be on your left.


  • Click here to view the final committee involvement lists

  • PEC and HSC Voting: please view the separate email sent out with a SurveyMonkey link to cast your vote by July 14th at 1900


  • View the PI/QI Website Page to view project proposals and find the Google link to sign up for a project by July 14th.

  • Next PI/QI Meeting: July 19th (Data Visualization)


Educational Opportunities