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Plan of the Week: July 17 - July 23

Plays of the Week:

Play of the week goes to Dr. Connor Liggett for the first neonatal intubation of the year!

Play of the week also goes to Dr. Nicole Martin for hitting the ground running in the Adolescent clinic and being a great team player!

Play of the week to Dr. Alexis Ghersi and the social committee for planning a home-run social event to watch the Nats play!

Another play of the week for Dr. Brian Fissel, one of our alumni who is currently a flight surgeon at Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada. See the picture of him above in front of the jet used to film the new Top Gun movie. He is "having the time of his life."

As a faculty Play of the Week, Dr. Hwang maximized learning time by leading an impromptu UAC/ UVC placement workshop using 3D printed umbilical cords (and two fresh cords from twins born that morning!)





Time and Location


Monday, 7/18

Vocera Training

0730 - 0800

Canyon Conf Room 4238

Crutcher, Davis, Hanciles, Liggett, Martin, McNamara, Warren

MR: Education/Reverse Education

0745 - 0850

Faculty: America 2525 B/C

0800 - 0850 Residents: Canyon Conf Room 4238

Faculty and Residents Only

Tuesday, 7/19 Connor Liggett's Birthday 🎉

MR: PI/QI Data Visualization, Steps 1&2, Richards

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome; residents see below for pre-work

Wednesday, 7/20

MR: Case & Status Epilepticus Lecture, Shields

0745 - 0850

Forest Conf Room, 5218

All welcome

Thursday, 7/21


0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Candidate Recruitment Day

0900-1115 Shore Conference Room 1118

Rotating MSIV Students Only

Residency Mixer

1800-2000 Dog Haus (7904 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814)

Rotating Medical Students and Residents Only

Friday, 7/22

MR: Board Review, Bumgardner

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

Residents and Medical Students Only

Save the Date

Upcoming Birthdays

27JUL: ITE, Academic Half-Day (Devo)

31JUL: Alex Mauro

29JUL: COL Kimball-Eayrs Retirement Ceremony

15AUG: Colin McNamara's Birthday



Meet our Rotating Medical Students!


All Staff Updates

  • Do you have a significant other and are new to the area? The Oakleaf Club of Greater Washington DC is hosting a "Cocktails and Questions" event on July 23rd as an opportunity for spouses to meet other spouses and current Oakleaf members. Visit

    • The event is open to any spouses/significant others of active duty or retired officers, or warrant officers attached to all services in the Military Health Services (MHS)

    • July 23rd, 7-9 pm; Backyard of the Driggers Residence (9514 Edgeley Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814)

  • You can now view the Chief Corner for any past systems-based updates.


Resident-Specific Updates

Please reach out to your Block 2 rotation supervisors and let them know your schedule (Continuity Clinics, ARM days, leave, ITE dates, etc.)


  • Congrats to our AY22-23 PEC and HSC Representatives:

    • Class of 2025

      • Housestaff Council Representative: Kevin Westbrook

      • Program Evaluation Committee Representatives: Nicole Martin and Colin McNamara

    • Class of 2024

      • Housestaff Council Representative: Emily Ferraro

      • Program Evaluation Committee Representatives: Maggie Hasler and Bailey Howard

    • Class of 2023

      • Housestaff Council Representative: Sharen Wilson

      • Program Evaluation Committee Representatives: Billy Bennett and Elise Reddington

  • Additionally, below are the newly appointed chairs for the following committees:

    • Wellness Committee Chair: Elise Reddington

    • Social Committee Chair: Brian Graziose

    • AAP Delegate: Alex Mauro

    • IT Committee Chair: Sharen Wilson

    • Advocacy & Community Outreach Committee Chair: Jack Goetzman


  • Next PI/QI Meeting: July 19th (Data Visualization)

    • Tasks before the meeting:

      • Identify a resident team lead for the session

      • Bring your draft problem statement from the Shark Tank session


Educational/Teaching Opportunities

  • Reproduction and Endocrinology Module Pediatric Small Group Teaching Opportunities 2022: September 22, 26, 29th (sign up here)


Research Opportunities & Upcoming Conferences

  • The NCC Peds Scholarly Oversight Committee for Residents (SOCR) will have its next meeting on 27 July. Please email Dr. Zanetti and/or Dr. Kolasinski if you would like to sign up for one of the time slots!

Upcoming Conferences:

APPD Mid-Atlantic Regional Fall Meeting (Virtual): September 23rd, 2022

Conference on Military Perinatal Research (COMPRA): November 4-6, 2022






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