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Plan of the Week: July 31 - August 6

Plays of the Week:

Play of the week goes to Dr. Ben Jack who fearlessly led clinic orientation!

Play of the week also goes to Dr. Suhani Patel on their poster presentation acceptance for the AAP NCE!

Play of the week also goes to Dr. Colin McNamara and Dr. Greenwald for naming a baby this week! Going above and beyond and helping an indecisive mother!

Play of the week goes to Dr. Elizabeth Rahman, who confidently and competently led the team in resuscitating a very sick term newborn. No doubt will she go on to save lives as a general pediatrician.

Play of the week goes to Dr. Schacht, who has returned from his deployment in Poland!

Play of the week also goes to Dr. Perkins for leading the first Academic Half-Day with some of the cutest helpers. See above for some pictures of our residents learning the new CDC Milestones and practicing their developmental evaluation skills. Thank you to Drs. Rowe, Stering, Greenwald, Schulz, and Bencze for covering the inpatient services while the teams were away.

Finally, play of the week goes to Dr. Kimball-Eayrs who has officially retired after 27 years of service! You will be greatly missed!!





Time and Location


Sunday, 7/31 Alex Mauro's Birthday 🎉

Axe-Throwing at THRoW Social (Individuals can still come if you did not sign-up for a time slot)


Rotating Medical Students and Residents Only

Monday, 8/1

MR: Case & Anaphylaxis Lecture, Wang

0745 - 0800

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Tuesday, 8/2

MR: Case & Immunizations Part 2 Lecture, Rajnik

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

​PCP Town Hall: Emerging Pathogens--Monkeypox and Parechovirus: What PCPs Need to Know


Register here

Wednesday, 8/3

MR: Case & Pulm Lecture, Mulreany

0745 - 0850

Forest Conf Room, 5218

All welcome

Preventative Medicine Grand Rounds: Cost-Effectiveness

1330-1500 Virtual Passcode: PMGR_0803

All welcome

Thursday, 8/4

MR: Case & EKG/Rhythm Emergencies Lecture, May

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Friday, 8/5

Billy Bennett's Birthday 🎉

MR: Case & Transfusion Reactions Lecture, Zanetti

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

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Upcoming Birthdays

19AUG: GME Administrative Professionals Day

15AUG: Colin McNamara's Birthday

17AUG: Emily Ferraro's Birthday

23AUG: Suhani Patel's Birthday



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