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Plan of the Week: July 9th - July 15th

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Plays of the Week:

Excellent work to everyone on the start of this Academic Year! Hope everyone had a great July 4th holiday.

Play of the week to Dr. Anthony Lucido for his work as 3rd Deck Senior. He stayed past his shift on Friday to supervise an LP, and developed great rapport with a family going through a difficult new diagnosis. Way to set an example!

Additional play of the week to the ID team, Dr. Milissa Jones and Dr. Matthew Penfold for coming to the OR to order and process their own BAL samples. Thank you for going above and beyond for your patient.

Huge Congratulations to Maggie Hasler and her husband Hank on the birth of their daughter, Reese! Welcome to the NCC Peds family!





Time and Location


Monday, 7/10

MR: No Case, Lecture: Pulmonary Emergencies - Dr. Friedman

PICU Sim Room

Residents and Medical Students Only

Anniversary of Landing of the USS Zebulon Vance (1946)

Tuesday, 7/11

PI/QI: A3 Overview

America 2525

Residents and Yellowbelt Staff

Clarifying Problem Statements and Identifying Baseline Data Collection

Wednesday, 7/12

MR: Case, Lecture: GI Emergencies - Dr. Burklow

0745 - 0850 Desert Conference

All Welcome

Thursday, 7/13

MR: Case, Lecture: Fatigue Mitigation Training - Dr. Arora

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Friday, 7/14

MR: Case, Lecture: Child Abuse Emergencies - Dr. Brennan

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Save the Date 🗓

Upcoming Birthdays 🎉

1JUL: MODS Opens

19JUL: Connor Liggett

13JUL: Resident/Med Student Mixer

18 JUL: SOCR Meeting and MR Lecture on APA from Dr. Barry Solomon

24JUL: Block 2 Starts 🎉

26JUL: Adolescent Academic Half-Day

Do you have a birthday that you want added to the calendar? Email/text Jack.

Topic of the Week: Medical Home Module - JC Requirements



Meet our Rotating 4th Year Medical Students!

All Staff Updates

NCCPeds merchandise is here! Click the link below to order jackets, vests, drinkware, etc before 11JUL!

Pediatric Obesity Curriculum

  • Healthy Habits Pediatric Obesity Curriculum and Toolkit - New Educational Curriculum to Improve Provider's Confidence and Knowledge in the Care of Childhood Obesity. This is a great resource that is being rolled out, and will be a longitudinal study throughout this academic year.

  • Pre-Survey: Please complete this 20-30 minute survey in anticipation of self-directed learning curriculum to be released on July 15th.


  • 1JUL - Pre-Release Survey

  • 15JUL - Google Classroom for Self-Directed Learning Opens

  • 30AUG - Obesity Curriculum Academic Half Day and follow up survey

  • 1MAR - 6 month follow up survey

Healthy Habits Clinic

  • Healthy Habits Clinic - Virtual Clinic for patients ages 6-18 with Stage 1 obesity (BMI > 85th%)

  • Meets twice monthly (2nd and 4th Wednesday of month) for 90 minute sessions starting at 1515.

  • Virtual Group Exercises and Nutrition/Dietary Guidance

  • To Refer: Please message Ms. Ramona Sanchez Brady through Genesis. Then use dot phrase ..HH


Resident-Specific Updates

Sign-Up for NCC Peds Committee due by 11JUL!

- Program Evaluation Committee (PEC)

- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI)

- Housestaff Council

- Duty Hours Committee

- Wellness Committee

- Social Committee

- American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Committee

- Advocacy and Community Outreach Committee

- IT Committee

Please email Chief Resident at with your interest!


First PI/QI meeting will be Tuesday, 11JUL with a focus on:

  • Problem Statements

  • Baseline Data Collection

  • Link to Workspace with team members listed:

GME Applications: MODS is now open!

2023 Medical Corps Health Professions Education Requirement Board (HPERB)
Download PDF • 329KB

  • Navy:

BUMEDNOTE 1524 - 13 Jun 2023 (1)
Download PDF • 389KB

2023 GMESB Selection Goals - 22 JUN 2023
Download PDF • 224KB
  • Army:

2024 School Year Plan
Download PDF • 1.67MB

Application Timeline:

  • 1JUL - MODS Opens

  • 31AUG - GME Application must be submitted

  • 8OCT- Final Day for PD/Consultant Interviews

  • 15OCT - Application Finalized with all supporting documentation. Last day for training location preference change

  • 23-27OCT - Application Scoring Week

  • 13-17NOV - JGMESB

  • 13DEC - JGMESB Selection Results Released

Block 2 Schedules

  • Don't forget to reach out to your Rotation Supervisors regarding your schedule if you have any questions/concerns. The below attachment has the most up-to-date contact information.

  • Additionally, check MedHub and review updated goals & objectives for your upcoming rotation!

Rotation Contacts_for residents_UPDATED JUNE 2023
Download PDF • 69KB

MHS Genesis Message Center/Proxy Workflow

  • Please review the update message center and proxy workflow document.

Combined Proxy Message Center Document (1)
Download PDF • 6.74MB


Educational/Teaching Opportunities

USU Teaching Opportunities

Clerkship Round Robin (recurring throughout the year)

ICR Module Small Group Teaching Opportunities at USU


Research Opportunities & Upcoming Conferences

Next SOCR Meeting: 18JUL

Upcoming Conferences:

6th annual Architecture of High Value Health Care: October 12-14th in Baltimore, MD

AAP NCE 2023: October 20-24th in Washington, DC


Community Pediatrics Updates:

American Academy of Pediatrics

  • AAP Memberships for 2023-2024 Academic Year have been activated. Please see the below links for resources available through the AAP and activating Pedialink. Everyone should have access to PREP questions through their membership.

Getting Started with PediaLink- Residents
Download PDF • 1.47MB

Resident Member Benefits Sheet
Download PDF • 193KB






Please reach out to Jack at or with any questions or concerns.

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