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Plan of the Week: June 26 - July 2

Play of the Week:

Play of the week goes to Dr. Noelle Molter for placing a UVC and UAC in a critically ill infant in the NICU in anticipation of an exchange transfusion! She has also been doing a stellar job with another critically ill infant and continues to educate medical students on service excellently! Great job, Noelle!

Play of the week also goes to Dr. Elise Reddington for expertly balancing the 3rd deck. She has stepped up and covered the PICU in addition to the ward on last minutes notice with grace, delivering great care to our pediatric inpatients. Thank you, Elise!

Final play of the week goes to the Friday Continuity Clinic team (Dr. Brian Graziose & Dr. Jack Goetzman) for winning the end of the year continuity jeopardy with a score of 27142 -- invite these guys to trivia! The Tuesday Continuity Clinic team came in a close second.

And finally, a warm welcome to our new intern class as they OFFICIALLY start this Friday!!


Weekly Schedule:

Please note that other hospital events are included in the calendar below, highlighted in light blue.


Time and Location

Topic and Speaker


Monday, 6/27

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

Case and Cardiology Lecture, Dr. Mulreany

All welcome

Tuesday, 6/28

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

Case and Neurosurgery lecture, Dr. Hooten

All welcome

Wednesday, 6/29

0745 - 0850

Desert Conference Rm, 2301

Case and Neurosurgery lecture, Dr. Hooten

All welcome


Clark Auditorium

PRIDE month event with Secretary of Transportation, Mr. Pete Buttigieg

Must have ticket to attend (there may be a few left with Deirdre Bldg 1 Tower, 5th floor, Room 5142)

Thursday, 6/30

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

Case and ID lecture, Dr. Cirks

All welcome


Pediatrics Department Intern Welcome Lunch!

All welcome

Friday, 7/1

Official 1st day of AY22-23!

0745 - 0810

America 2525 B/C

Case and Orient to Service

All welcome

Please be advised that morning report has returned to in-person only. There will no longer be an option to join the session via ZoomGov. Plan accordingly, and join us for the in-person sessions!

If you are presenting a case or lecture: please save your presentations to the ShareDrive in the folder corresponding to the year and month of your presentation: \\WRNMDFPISISMBD1\DeptShares$\Dept1\_Pediatrics\MorningReport Lectures.

Continuity Clinic: Welcome to Continuity Clinic



NCCPeds merchandise is here! Click the link below to order jackets, vests, drinkware, etc before 6JUL!

Welcome our incoming rotating medical students!

All Staff:

  • COVAX 6mo-4yr vaccinations are here- Please send your patients to.the COVAX site in Arrowhead to receive their vaccine. At this time, we will only be administering Pfizer vaccine product, and it will consist of a 3-dose series: 0, 21d, and 8 weeks, per the current EUA instruction.

  • Interested in obtaining free CME credits and learning more about Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)? Mark your calendars for July 17, during which a free virtual CME session will be hosted by Stony Brook Medicine and Dysautonomia international.

    • If you know any physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists or graduate students in any of these disciplines who may be interested in attending the July 17th CME course on POTS, please ask them to complete this complimentary registration form: They must use a current university, hospital, or clinic/work email address to register for this complimentary pass.

    • See flyer below for details on the course agenda.

Dysautonomia Conference Agenda
Download PDF • 881KB
  • Please be advised of new pharmacy operations, which were made effective Monday, June 6, 2022:

    • (1) The PEDIATRICS PHARMACY within the peds PCMH is closed.

    • (2) For NEW prescriptions:

      • Providers MUST enter new prescriptions to the America or Arrowhead Pharmacy.

      • Families may not have their children’s DoDID numbers memorized, so please write this down for families on the business card or on their checkout sheet before they leave.

      • Advise families to complete the following steps to have prescriptions filled:

        • Text 833-201-9306 with “get in line,” and respond to the next prompts for DoDID#, etc. It may take some time to receive a confirmation message from the pharmacy, which will begin with a “Q” ticket number. The check-in process is NOT complete until the “Q” ticket number is received.

        • Wait in the peds lobby for their prescriptions. The family will receive a text from pharmacy when the prescriptions are ready.

        • Proceed to the pharmacy lobby, then text “I am here.” The family should NOT text “I am here” until they are physically in the pharmacy lobby.

        • Note that this process applies to NEW prescriptions only.

    • (3) For REFILLS: same-day refills will no longer be filled.

      • Refills must be picked up at the NEX pharmacy or Drive-Thru pharmacy, and must be activated 48 hours in advance of the requested pick-up time. To activate a refill, patients can utilize one of the options below:

        • Online Prescription Activation Form

        • Tricare Online

        • Automated Call-In Refill Line (800-377-1723)

        • Call center (301-295-2123)

        • In-Person Paper Drop-Off Requests (dropped off to the Drive Thru pharmacy or the NEX pharmacy)

      • Note that the Drive-Thru pharmacy (parking lot of 85T) is open Mon-Sat from 0900 – 1600, and the NEX pharmacy (1st floor of NEX) is open Mon-Sat from 0900 – 1730.

    • (4) FOR STAFF:

      • Use your CAC for new prescriptions or refills, which will be filled within 2 hours, using a CAC-enabled computer and the following link:

      • Prescriptions will be ready within 2 hours at America or Arrowhead and you will receive a text when they are ready. When you arrive to the pharmacy, pick up a ticket at the kiosk that says "MTF Staff" to bypass the line and be issued your prescriptions.

  • Utilize the business cards below in clinic to walk families through the new pharmacy process and to jot down the patient's DoDID number.

Peds Pharmacy_Q Anywhere_Business Cards
Download PDF • 1.34MB
  • Check out the updated WIC eligibility tool!

WIC - Eligibility Tool JUN2022 v1.0
Download XLSX • 19KB
  • Need to find contact information for staff or a department within the NCR medical facilities? Check out the electronic Scutdog here, or stop by the Chief Office (America Bldg, 4th Floor, Room 4560) for a print copy.


  • Welcome to AY22-23! Please contact your Block 1 rotation supervisor and let them know of your schedule (Continuity Clinics, ARM days, leave, ITE date, etc)

Rotation Contacts_for residents_UPDATED JUN 2022
Download DOCX • 19KB
  • For resident scheduling in clinic:

    • When you are preparing for your continuity clinic for the week and notice logistical issues with your schedule (i.e., two patients booked in the same slot, siblings booked with you but in non-consecutive time slots, complex patients booked into short appointment times, etc), please complete the following steps, ideally no later than the night before your clinic:

  • Looking for information on credentialing, duty hours, and procedure logs? Please see below:

Credentialing, Procedure Logs, Duty Hours
Download PDF • 65KB

Feeling sick? Please click the arrow to the left for step-by-step instructions:



Calling all NRP-trained providers! You are invited to participate in an educational research study evaluating a new infant resuscitation skill-sustainment bundle. This short training focuses on the most critical components of neonatal resuscitation; it is designed to be non-threatening and delivered virtually. The study’s eventual aim is to help NRP providers maintain skills in remote and low-volume settings. If you would like to learn more or are interested in participating, please contact Chase Groomes at or Participation is voluntary and is expected to require 1-1.5 hours during a time convenient to you.

Interested in Neonatology? The 41st Conference on Military Perinatal Research (COMPRA) will be held from November 4-6, 2022 in San Antonio, with the theme of "Periviability: Ethics and Outcomes."

The call for abstracts for COMPRA began on June 8, 2022, and the deadline for submission is Friday, August 5, 2022. Applicants will be notified of selection for attendance and presentation of abstracts by August 19, 2022. See below for submission guidelines and further details.

COMPRA Submission Guide 2022
Download DOCX • 15KB
COMPRA 2022 Invitation
Download PDF • 250KB

  • ARM: All senior residents MUST have a SOCR-approved project to receive 2 ARM days per block. Senior residents must update SOCR every 6 months to maintain their second ARM day.

  • RESEARCH ELECTIVE: Senior residents must present a plan to Dr. Kolasinski and Dr. Zanetti for any research elective time 3-6 months prior to their rotation start date.

  • Resources are in the "SOCR formerly RROC" ShareDrive folder, and check out page linked above for further information!


Military Specific:





Wellness and Feedback:

Wellness Resources Table- this contains a comprehensive listing of behavioral health resources accessible to trainees in our program.

Physician Wellness Resources Library- this site lists open-access online resources that promote physician wellness.

Feedback Venues Table- this table details the various avenues through which trainees can give feedback and the degree of anonymity conferred by each.


Thank you all for a great year! It has been an honor to serve as one of your chief residents, but the time has come for us to pass it off to your new Chief Resident, Dr. Brittany Bumgardner!

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1 Comment

Jun 26, 2022

Thank you Sam and Leela for all of your Plans of the Week, which have been exceptionally well-organized and thorough, especially as you transitioned them to the website this year. We will miss your updates (and expert color-coding!).

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