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Plan of the Week: June 4th - June 10th

Plays of the Week:

Play of the week goes to Dr. Ahmed, who last week modeled military medicine at its finest, stepping up when others asked for help. She modeled for the residents that general pediatricians and subspecialists alike can (and will be called to) take care of newborns at future duty stations across the world and throughout our careers.

Play of the week also goes to MAJ(P) Nick Friedman, who has been officially selected as Pediatric Subspecialty Chief. A BIG thank you to CAPT Ferrara for her dedication, leadership, and hard work as the Subspeciality Service Chief, her exceptional contributions to the department were truly appreciated!

Play of the week goes to COL Autumn Richards for her promotion this past Friday! 🎉

Play of the week goes to the Block 12 ward team: Dr. Rob Crutcher went above and beyond to help round and cover the NICU when they had 2 admissions at the same time. Dr. Kevin Westbrook also helped cover the MICC last weekend and responded to a code purple this past week and provided excellent CPAP.

Play of the week also goes to Drs. Lopreiato, Zanetti, Zven, Graziose, Lucido for their awards in Innovation in Education, see below for the full 16th Annual USU Education Day schedule.

Last but not least, Play of the week goes to HN Cordon on her competitive selection for promotion to Third Class!





Time and Location


Monday, 6/5 Block 13 Start

MR: Case & Orient to Service

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

TTP: Finances, Hwang

1100 - 1200 Forest Conf Rm

PGY-3s Only

TTP: ABP & MOC after the Boards

1300 - 1400 Forest Conf Rm

PGY-3s Only

TTP: AAP Post-Grad, Seide

1400 - 1500 Forest Conf Rm

PGY-3s Only

Tuesday, 6/6

MR: Final PI Presentations

0730 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

TTP: Gen Peds Break-Out Session, Richards

0900 - 1030 Shore Conf Rm

Gen Peds Bound PGY-3s Only

TTP: Fellowship Break-Out Session, Fellows/Zanetti

0900 - 1100 Audiology Conf Rm

Fellowship Bound PGY-3s Only

TTP: MMOC Close-Out Session

1300 - 1600 AF: Desert 2301

Army: Allergy Conf Rm

Navy: Audiology Conf Rm

PGY-3s Only

Wednesday, 6/7

MR: Case & Hemangioma Lecture, Clement

0745 - 0850 Canyon Conf Rm

All welcome


0830 - 1630 USO

PGY-3s Only

Thursday, 6/8

MR: Case & GI Lecture, Burklow

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome


0830 - 1630 USO

PGY-3s Only

MAJ(P) Nick Friedman Promotion Ceremony

1500 - 1600 Front Steps of Tower, Bldg 1

All welcome

Friday, 6/9


Supervisory Seminar

0800 - 1600 Navy Yard

Rising PGY-2/3s Only

Saturday, 6/10

Hail & Farewell 🎉🥳

1600 - 2000 Comus Inn (23900 Old Hundred Rd, Dickerson, MD 20842)

Save the Date 🗓

Upcoming Birthdays 🎉

18JUN: Father's Day

29JUN: Taylor Meyers

19JUN: Juneteenth (Outpt clinic closed)

23JUN: Graduation 🎓

26JUN: Intern Welcome Lunch

28JUN: Pulm Academic Half-Day

Do you have a birthday that you want added to the calendar? Email/text Britt



Meet our Rotating 4th Year Medical Students!

All Staff Updates

USU Education Day: June 14th

  • Check out some of our very own at 0810-0840 and 0845-0915!

PCMH Clinic Updates:

  • Newborn bilirubin orders: Please order BOTH a total and direct bilirubin. The Neobili panel order does not communicate correctly within Genesis that we need both the total and direct.

  • Telemynd is a great resource for virtual Mental Health care as we no longer have an embedded Behavioral Health Psychologist at the moment. Families can self-refer and request care. Active Duty need a referral from their PCM. As discussed at Morning Report today, it may be difficulty for families with young children or adolescents if they are concerned about their families not giving them privacy at home.

  • Audiology:Walter Reed does not currently have any pediatric outpatient audiology services for the next 10 weeks. All patients that need hearing tests will be referred out to the network. Newborns will still get screened in the MICC, but there will be no walk in capabilities.

  • PCM Changes: For future PCM Change Requests please fill out the request form below and send to the email below:

  • CAPS Provider to Provider consult line: Please see the flyer below

    • This is for providers to ask clinical questions/assistance, but not to book any appointments

    • This number is NOT for families/patients

  • Coding: Please ensure you are documenting a problem and coding each encounter before the end of the day. This also includes all our staff, resident, rotator, and student encounters. Please see the coding cheat sheets attached!

(PCM Change Request)WRNMMC
Download DOCX • 14KB
Download PDF • 284KB

Genesis Updates:

  • Outpatient Labs

    • Any lab being collected IN CLINIC will always be



      • NURSE COLLECT: YES (if an option)

      • (under the Modify details section of the ordering screen)

    • Any labs the patient will have collected in the lab will be



      • Even if they are leaving our clinic and going straight to lab. (it must be future order for lab to see and print lab stickers)

Download PPTX • 1.22MB
  • Referrals

    • Do not write “see comment” in the reason for referral. The comment box is for extension of the reason for referral only and not required. Once the order is signed, order comments can not be edited.

    • ROFR: keep as default NO

MHSG RM 2.0 Guide Order a Referral. Provider
Download PDF • 391KB
  • In-Between Visit Encounters

MHS GENESIS Tip Sheet_In-Between Encounters UPDATE_29Nov2018
Download PDF • 883KB


Resident-Specific Updates

PD End of Year Meetings

  • 30 minute sessions to review your progress from the 2nd half of the academic year and review your short and long-term goals. For PGY3s, this will also be an opportunity to finalize your End of Training documents.

  • Resident Pre-Meeting Checklist [ ] Update your MedHub Resident Portfolio (Journal Club, SOCR/ARM activities, CPC, QI/PI projects, ILP if not in Pedialink). Uploading guidance here: MedHub Resident Portfolio How-To [ ] Update your Procedure Log on MedHub

  • HOW TO SCHEDULE: PD Meeting Google Calendar Link

    • Access the calendar on your phone or other personal device

    • Look at 6/1-6/28

    • My availability is listed as "Dr. Hepps PD Meeting Slots"

    • Within the block of availability ADD a NEW 30-min block with your name, indicating your preferred meeting time


    • Do not delete or type over the "Dr. Hepps PD Meeting Slots", as this deletes the entire slot for the day.

    • Make sure you are entering your NEW slot into the "NCC Peds PD Meeting Calendar" and not your personal calendar, which is the default on most devices.

    • If you're having trouble using the GoogleCalendar, text or email me which slot you want, and I will enter it into the calendar.

Toxic Stress Continuity Clinic Module

Transition to Practice (PGY-3s only)


Educational/Teaching Opportunities

USU Teaching Opportunities

Clerkship Round Robin (recurring throughout the year)

Reproduction and Endocrinology Module Small Group Teaching Opportunities NEW!


Research Opportunities & Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences:

6th annual Architecture of High Value Health Care: October 12-14th in Baltimore, MD

AAP NCE 2023: October 20-24th in Washington, DC


Community Pediatrics Updates:

LGBTQ+ Pride Month:

USU Spectrum Pride Events

Spectrum Pride Month Events 2023 (1)
Download PDF • 1.18MB






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