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Plan of the Week: June 5 - 11

Play of the Week:

Play of the week to Dr. Sharen Wilson for successfully nominating the NCC Pediatrics residency for a gift from the Oak Leaf Club! Thanks to Sharen's nomination, the resident workroom on 3W now has a new futon and a speaker. May the old futon (pictured below) and its distinctive Cheeto-like musk rest peacefully.

Many thanks to LT Dianna Garcia, who was the triage provider in clinic on Friday and selflessly stepped up to see several patients after unexpected changes in the schedule. We greatly appreciate your positive attitude and willingness to help during a very busy day!


Weekly Schedule:

Please note that the PGY3's Transition to Practice Schedule is included in the calendar below, highlighted in light blue. This schedule pertains only to the graduating PGY3's and the faculty who are delivering their lectures.

Additionally, two important events requiring RSVPs are highlighted in lavender in the schedule below-- on Friday, 6/10, Dr. May will have his promotion ceremony, and the NCC Pediatrics Residency Program will be hosting its annual End of Year Party! Read below for details.



Topic and Speaker



Monday, 6/6

0700 - 0900

End of Year Clinical Competency Committee Meeting

CCC Faculty and Program Leadership Only

HYBRID Zoom (see separate email for login credentials) and In-Person, Canyon Conference Room (America Room 4238)

0745 - 0850

MR Case and Orient to Service (no lecture)

All welcome

America 2525 B/C

0900 - 1200

MMOC Close-Out Sessions

Graduating PGY-3s ONLY

Air Force: Shore Conference Room (America Room 1118)

Army: Canyon Conference Room (America Room 4238)

Navy: Forest Conference Room (America Room 5218)

1300 - 1400

Finance Talk with Dr. Hwang

Graduating PGY-3s ONLY

Forest Conference Room (Room 5218)

1400 - 1500

Academic Promotion with Dr. Hickey

Graduating PGY-3s ONLY*

*Bring your updated CV!

Forest Conference Room (Room 5218)

Tuesday, 6/7

0745 - 0850

PI/QI: Final Project Presentations

All welcome

America 2525 B/C

0900 - 1100

Running a Clinic with Dr. Richards

Graduating PGY-3s ONLY

Canyon Conference Room (America Room 4238)

1100 - 1200

Coding Bootcamp with Dr. Reeves

Graduating PGY-3s ONLY

Canyon Conference Room (America Room 4238)

1300 - 1400

After the Boards: ABP and MOC with Dr. Zanetti and Dr. Hepps

Graduating PGY-3s ONLY

Canyon Conference Room (America Room 4238)

1400 - 1500

AAP Post-Graduation with Dr. Seide and Dr. Garcia

Graduating PGY-3s ONLY

Canyon Conference Room (America Room 4238)

Wednesday, 6/8

0745 - 0850

MR Case and Ophthalmology Lecture, Dr. Ballard

All welcome

Canyon Conference Room (America Room 4238)

0830 - 1630

STABLE Instructor Course

Graduating PGY-3s ONLY

BLDG 17B, Third Floor, Room 3331/3115

Thursday, 6/9

0745 - 0850

MR Case and GI Lecture

All welcome

America 2525 B/C

0800 - 1630

STABLE Instructor Course

Graduating PGY-3s ONLY

BLDG 17B, Third Floor, Room 3331/3115

Friday, 6/10

0745 - 0850

Wellness (no case or lecture)- see separate email from Wellness Committee

Residents and Medical Students Only

America 2525 B/C

0730 - 1430

Supervisory Seminar!

Rising senior residents and faculty speakers only

USO (9080 Beale Road, Bethesda MD)

1500 - 1600

Dr. May's promotion ceremony!

All welcome: RSVP here (accessible on personal computers):

HYBRID In-Person (Memorial Auditorium) and Zoom (Meeting ID: 831 7843 6575; passcode: promotion)

1700 - 2000

NCC Pediatrics End of Year Party!

All welcome (including friends and family)- RSVP here and Venmo @Elise-Reddington for the cost ($26 per adult, no cost for children if they will not be eating Mission BBQ)

Cabin John Regional Park (7400 Tuckerman Lane, Bethesda MD) in the group picnic area. Dinner will be catered by Mission BBQ. BYOB!

Please be advised that morning report has returned to in-person only. There will no longer be an option to join the session via ZoomGov. Plan accordingly, and join us for the in-person sessions!

If you are presenting a case or lecture: please save your presentations to the ShareDrive in the folder corresponding to the year and month of your presentation: \\WRNMDFPISISMBD1\DeptShares$\Dept1\_Pediatrics\MorningReport Lectures.

Continuity Clinic: Depression



All Staff:

  • Please be advised of the following changes to pharmacy operations, effective Monday, June 6, 2022:

    • (1) The PEDIATRICS PHARMACY within the peds PCMH will close.

    • (2) For NEW prescriptions:

      • Providers MUST enter new prescriptions to the America or Arrowhead Pharmacy.

      • Families may not have their children’s DoDID numbers memorized, so please write this down for families on the business card or on their checkout sheet before they leave.

      • Advise families to complete the following steps to have prescriptions filled:

        • Text 833-201-9306 with “get in line,” and respond to the next prompts for DoDID#, etc. It may take some time to receive a confirmation message from the pharmacy, which will begin with a “Q” ticket number. The check-in process is NOT complete until the “Q” ticket number is received.

        • Wait in the peds lobby for their prescriptions. The family will receive a text from pharmacy when the prescriptions are ready.

        • Proceed to the pharmacy lobby, then text “I am here.” The family should NOT text “I am here” until they are physically in the pharmacy lobby.

        • Note that this process applies to NEW prescriptions only.

    • (3) For REFILLS: same-day refills will no longer be filled.

      • Refills must be picked up at the NEX pharmacy or Drive-Thru pharmacy, and must be activated 48 hours in advance of the requested pick-up time. To activate a refill, patients can utilize one of the options below:

        • Online Prescription Activation Form

        • Tricare Online

        • Automated Call-In Refill Line (800-377-1723)

        • Call center (301-295-2123)

        • In-Person Paper Drop-Off Requests (dropped off to the Drive Thru pharmacy or the NEX pharmacy)

      • Note that the Drive-Thru pharmacy (parking lot of 85T) is open Mon-Sat from 0900 – 1600, and the NEX pharmacy (1st floor of NEX) is open Mon-Sat from 0900 – 1730.

    • (4) FOR STAFF:

      • Use your CAC for new prescriptions or refills, which will be filled within 2 hours, using a CAC-enabled computer and the following link:

      • Prescriptions will be ready within 2 hours at America or Arrowhead and you will receive a text when they are ready. When you arrive to the pharmacy, pick up a ticket at the kiosk that says "MTF Staff" to bypass the line and be issued your prescriptions.

  • Utilize the business cards below in clinic to walk families through the new pharmacy process and to jot down the patient's DoDID number.

Peds Pharmacy_Q Anywhere_Business Cards
Download PDF • 1.34MB
  • Check out the updated WIC eligibility tool!

WIC - Eligibility Tool JUN2022 v1.0
Download XLSX • 19KB
  • Join Spectrum, USUHS LGBQTIA+ affinity group, in celebrating PRIDE month!! Check out the flyers below.

(2) PrideEducationalEvents2022
Download PDF • 213KB
(6) USU Brick Party Flyer
Download PDF • 1.25MB
  • Please complete your Summer Safety Training for WRNMMC if you have not already-- this was due on 31 MAY2022. To access the course, visit, course name "2022 Summer Safety Training" (course number 100048)

  • Need to find contact information for staff or a department within the NCR medical facilities? Check out the electronic Scutdog here, or stop by the Chief Office (America Bldg, 4th Floor, Room 4560) for a print copy.


  • For urgent, after-hours, or weekend issues, please call/text the Chief On-Call, listed in Amion.

    • Leela Patel: 6/3- 6/12

  • Graduating PGY3s:

    • Please take note of the TTP schedule included in the Weekly Calendar, above. Your attendance at all morning reports and all of the sessions is required, unless you have an excused absence.

    • Schedule your End of Training PD Meeting with Dr. Hepps. Ensure that you have the following items prepared:

      • End of Training Documents: (We are aware that many of you are stuck on the CCQAS upload step. We are investigating).

        • DHA165- residents sign on 6/16, Dr. Hepps signs on 7/1, Dr. Hepps sends to Mr. Harvey

        • Reference Form- obtain from Academic Advisor, residents upload to CCQAS

        • Privileging Form- pre-filled example attached, Dr. Hepps to sign, residents upload to CCQAS

      • Procedure Verification Form: attached- this will be completed with Dr. Hepps; pleasure ensure that your Procedure Log in MedHub is up to date. Your procedure log will determine which procedures you are credentialed to perform as staff!

      • Other Certifications: Confirm BLS, NRP, PALS, STABLE status; Confirm state licensure

      • Residency Academic Requirements: Confirm that Program Coordinators have a copy of your Journal Club (PGY1) and CPC (PGY3)-- we will contact you if we're missing anything

      • Military Training Reports: Review with Dr. Hepps/Dr. Zanetti

        • FITREPs: submitted

        • Air Force Training Reports: Dr. Zanetti will have ready to sign by 7/1

        • OERs: Completed and reviewed by S1! Will be ready to sign on 6/16 (2 wks prior to thru date)

      • Out-processing Checklists: Review HERE

DODMPL Physician_Pediatrics 01.2022_EXAMPLE
Download DOCX • 41KB
Pediatric Residency EOT Procedure Verification Report Final
Download PDF • 1.73MB
  • Graduation will be held on Friday, 6/17 at 1000 at the Music Center at Strathmore! Graduation rehearsal will be held on Wednesday, 6/15 at 1300 at the Music Center at Strathmore. See below for details regarding logistics for these events (i.e., buses to/from the Strathmore, uniform, etc).

NCC Graduation 2022 Details
Download DOC • 667KB
  • Please schedule your End of Year PD meeting with Dr. Hepps using this link.

    • Within the block of availability, ADD a new 30-minute block with your name and preferred meeting time.

    • Do NOT delete or type over the "Dr. Hepps PD Meeting Slots" blocks.

    • Ensure you are entering your meeting slot into the "NCC Peds PD Meeting Calendar" (not your personal calendar).

    • For the rising seniors, prepare for your meeting by:

      • Updating your Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) on Pedialink. Please contact the program coordinators if you are having trouble accessing the website. You can also complete the attached Word doc version, instead

      • Update your Procedure Log on MedHub. See below for the Procedures handbook section as a reminder of which procedures need to be logged.

      • Start building your Resident Portfolio on MedHub. Please see the attached "How-To" PDF with screenshots. We are adopting a "Digital Portfolio", rather than a hard-copy binder moving forward, with the goal of "Going Green" and cutting down on the number of emails you have to field from the PCs and CR and vice versa. The portfolio should be a "One Stop Shop" for all of your Residency Requirements & Accomplishments that we will refer to throughout your residency.

      • Theresa and Lauren may email you requesting updates about your Certifications & Licensure (BLS, NRP, PALS, unrestricted state license, training license). Please reply to them!

ILP Hardcopy residency (1)
Download DOC • 42KB
MedHub Resident Portfolio How-To
Download PDF • 872KB
Part 10-Procedures and Procedure Log v2020_updated
Download PDF • 87KB
  • For resident scheduling in clinic:

    • When you are preparing for your continuity clinic for the week and notice logistical issues with your schedule (i.e., two patients booked in the same slot, siblings booked with you but in non-consecutive time slots, complex patients booked into short appointment times, etc), please complete the following steps, ideally no later than the night before your clinic:

  • Looking for information on credentialing, duty hours, and procedure logs? Please see below:

Credentialing, Procedure Logs, Duty Hours
Download PDF • 65KB

Feeling sick? Please click the arrow to the left for step-by-step instructions:



PI/QI final presentations are on Tuesday, June 7. Please utilize the template below to craft your slides for the presentation. The goal is to walk the audience through your project while highlighting the obstacles your team faced, how you overcame them, and what you would have done differently during the process.

Final Presentation Template
Download PPTX • 48KB
  • ARM: All senior residents MUST have a SOCR-approved project to receive 2 ARM days per block. Senior residents must update SOCR every 6 months to maintain their second ARM day.

  • RESEARCH ELECTIVE: Senior residents must present a plan to Dr. Kolasinski and Dr. Zanetti for any research elective time 3-6 months prior to their rotation start date.

  • Resources are in the "SOCR formerly RROC" ShareDrive folder, and check out page linked above for further information!


Military Specific:





Wellness and Feedback:

Wellness Resources Table- this contains a comprehensive listing of behavioral health resources accessible to trainees in our program.

Physician Wellness Resources Library- this site lists open-access online resources that promote physician wellness.

Feedback Venues Table- this table details the various avenues through which trainees can give feedback and the degree of anonymity conferred by each.


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