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Plan of the Week: Mar 12 - Mar 18

Updated: Mar 13

Plays of the Week:

Play of the week goes to Dr. Brian Graziose, who expertly navigated multiple complex acute appointments during his full day of expected continuity clinic. He was able to remain flexible and provide expert care to a chronic headache patient, reassuring family with a thorough visit. Great work!





Time and Location


Sunday, 3/12 Daylight Savings Time

Monday, 3/13 Block 10 Starts

MR: Case & Orient to Service

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Tuesday, 3/14


0745 - 0850 USAF: America 2525 B/C USN: CANCELLED USA: Allergy Conf Rm 4105

Pediatric Residents and Military Advisors Only; please report to your branch-specific breakout rooms. Army only, please review the article below.

Wednesday, 3/15

Grand Rounds: 70 Years of RSV Vaccine Research;

Are We There Yet? Allison Malloy, M.D., M.Sc.

0745 - 0845 Room A3, Bldg A, USUHS and Virtual Zoom Platform

Meeting ID: 999 6780 8867

Passcode: 7271775

Outpatient residents/providers are highly encouraged to attend in-person

Thursday, 3/16

MR: Outpatient MHS Genesis Overview (No Case)

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome; please bring laptops

USU DEI Journal Club

Friday, 3/17 St. Patrick's Day ☘️

MR: Wellness

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

Medical students and residents only

Staff Meeting

0745 - 0850 Microsoft Teams

Staff only

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Upcoming Birthdays 🎉

20MAR: First Day of Spring 🌷

25MAR: Sidney Zven

22MAR: Ramadan Begins

27MAR: Dr. Hepps

25MAR: Genesis Go-Live

11APR: Maggie Hasler

30MAR: National Doctor's Day 🧑🏽‍⚕️🩺 & Westbrook Journal Club