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Plan of the Week: March 13 - 19

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Morning Report Schedule



Topic and Speaker



Monday, 3/14

0745 - 0815

Case (no lecture)

All welcome

Hybrid ZoomGov and In-Person, America 2525 B/C

0815 - 0850

Orient to Service for Start of Block 10!

Rotation supervisors, residents and medical students

Report to your clinical duty station for Block 10 for orientation

Tuesday, 3/15

0745 - 0850

Military Medical Officership Curriculum

Residents, medical students, and MMOC faculty mentors only- report to your service-specific breakout session

Army: America 2525 B/C

Air Force: America 1118 (Shore Conference Room)

Navy: meeting postponed

1500 - 1600

Program Evaluation Committee Meeting

PEC Representatives and Program Leadership

Hybrid ZoomGov and In-Person, Canyon Conference Room

Wednesday, 3/16

0745 - 0850

Grand Rounds: How Technology is Reshaping Pediatric Cardiology (and How Military Pediatrics is Leading the Way!)- Dr. May; and Innovations in Pediatric Electrophysiology- Dr. Needleman

All welcome

Hybrid USU Zoom and In-Person, Lecture Hall A2, USU

USU Zoom Credentials:

ID-999 6780 8867

Passcode: 7271775

Thursday, 3/17

0745 - 0850

Morbidity and Mortality Conference: Dr. Hayman

All welcome

Hybrid ZoomGov and In-Person, America 2525 B/C​

Friday, 3/18

0745 - 0850

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion presents Gender Inequalities in Medicine.

All welcome

Hybrid ZoomGov and In-Person, America 2525 B/C​

All day

PGY-3 Class Retreat

PGY-3s only

PGY3s are excused from their rotations for the day for their class retreat

The ZoomGov credentials for morning report, unless otherwise specified, are:

Meeting ID: 161 424 8612

Passcode: scutdog

If you are presenting a case or lecture: please save your presentations to the ShareDrive in the folder corresponding to the year and month of your presentation: \\WRNMDFPISISMBD1\DeptShares$\Dept1\_Pediatrics\MorningReport Lectures.

Continuity Clinic: Food Allergies



All Staff:

  • Please read the following article prior to the DEI session on Friday, 3/18 about Gender Inequalities in Medicine.

DEI Article- Pre-reading for Session- Dressing The Part
Download PDF • 1.16MB
  • The new website is live! Make sure to sign up to become a member, which will grant you access to the following features:

    • Notification emails for the Plan of the Week and Academic Digest.

    • Military-specific pages that can assist you with filling out leave forms, links to trainings, a guide to military finance, and more.

    • Coming soon: resident rotation-specific pages (including orientation material, links to Google Classrooms, and additional resources), class-specific pages (including helpful tips/tricks for each class), faculty pages (including academic advisor information, getting involved, and additional faculty development).

  • Inpatient Updates:

    • Visitor policy- updated 7 March 2022. Full policy linked below, with pediatric policies summarized below:

      • Number of caregivers:

        • Non-COVID positive patients and PUIs: for both pediatric inpatient units and the NICU, up to two primary caregivers are allowed to stay. These primary caregivers must be parents or legal guardians WITHOUT symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID-19 in the preceding 10 days.

        • COVID-positive and PUI patients:

          • Pediatric inpatients: one primary caregiver is allowed

          • NICU: no caregivers are allowed at bedside

      • Exceptions to policy:

        • Pediatric inpatients: Exceptions to policy may be granted on a case-by-case basis at the Directorate level.

        • NICU patients: Exceptions to policy may be granted on a case-by-case basis (i.e., end-of-life care, critically ill neonates) may be granted at the discretion of the NICU attending and nursing staff.

WRNMMC Temporary Visitor Restriction Policy (Update 6) 07 March 2022
Download PDF • 5.51MB
  • Essentris updated to new, standardized note templates on 08 March 2022.

    • Please take note of the following:

      • The medication history note MUST be completed before finishing the H&P

      • Prior to discharge, the physician MUST select the correct disposition for the patient (whether home, transfer, etc.) in the discharge summary in order for the exam, checklist, and nurse completing instructions fields to appear. See below:

  • Experiencing any issues with the new notes? See attachment below for contact information and instructions on how to submit a trouble ticket.

Standardization of Essentris Notes- Contact Information for IT Issues
Download PPTX • 343KB
  • Pediatrics Department Updates

    • Mask Wearing/Meetings Policy: No limit on number of personnel in meetings/gatherings (beyond normal fire code limits), provided PPE policy is observed. Eye protection is no longer required once we transition from HPCON B to A.

    • Certain supplies have been out of stock in the hospital due to national availability challenges- please see spreadsheet below for substitutions that are available. DFA is working to mitigate these challenges.

Temporary Out of Stock Supplies
Download XLSX • 14KB
  • The print version of the 2021-2022 Scutdog is available for pick-up in the Chief Office. Swing by if you would like a copy, or see the electronic version here.

  • For parents of children enrolling in special education: please encourage them to attend the "Special Education ABCs" virtual workshop on Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 1200 PM EDT. See PDF below for details.

Special Education ABCs
Download PDF • 84KB
  • Please see the PDF below for how to place an Speech and Language Pathology consult for patients with cleft lip and/or palate.

SLP Consult Protocol for Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate
Download PDF • 413KB


  • For urgent, after-hours, or weekend issues, please call/text the Chief On-Call, listed in Amion (Leela Patel: 2/28 - 3/18).

  • Graduating PGY-3s: please make sure you have registered for the ABP General Pediatrics Certifying Exam no later than 3/31/2022. For branch-specific steps on reimbursement, click here.

  • Looking for information on credentialing, duty hours, and procedure logs? Please see below:

Credentialing, Procedure Logs, Duty Hours
Download PDF • 65KB

Feeling sick? Please click the arrow to the left for step-by-step instructions:



AAP abstract submissions are open until April 22, 2022. Click the button above to review their website. Be sure to review the submission guidelines based on the section to which you are submitting your abstract.

Residents -- please be advised that you can submit an abstract to the Section on Pediatric Trainees (SOPT; which is accepting case report abstracts) OR the Section on Uniformed Services (SOUS).

For SOUS, submissions need to fall within one of the award topics below:

Residents, please keep the following information regarding SOCR in mind

PI/QI Milestones:


Military Specific:





Wellness and Feedback Links:

Wellness Resources Table- this contains a comprehensive listing of behavioral health resources accessible to trainees in our program.

Physician Wellness Resources Library- this site lists open-access online resources that promote physician wellness.

Feedback Venues Table- this table describes the various avenues through which trainees can give feedback, both openly and anonymously.


Play of the Week:

Play of the week to Nelson Vick, for his stellar performance at Children's National PICU! Staff noted that he was a very engaged member of the team with an excellent fund of knowledge. He maintained a positive attitude despite several challenging cases during the block. Way to go, Nelson!

Bravo to COL Veronica Baechler for her honorable service in Akron, Ohio with a COVID medical readiness team. Welcome back, ma'am!

Fair Winds and Following seas to CAPT Kevin O'Meara, who recently deployed to serve in Qatar. We wish you the best of luck, sir!


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13 mars 2022

Welcome back, Dr. Baechler! Fair Winds and Following Seas, Dr. O'Meara!

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