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Plan of the Week: May 14th - May 19th

Updated: May 15, 2023

Plays of the Week:

Plan of the week goes to our incoming intern, 2d Lt Anna Casey, who received the USU Ildy Katona Outstanding Student in Pediatrics Award!

Play of the week also goes to Dr. Kevin Westbrook who got a champagne tap earlier this week! 🍾

Play of the week also goes to Dr. Ahmed, who was named the new Associate Program Director for the Transitional Year Program!

A big NCCPeds welcome to LCDR Meaghan Wido, who will be taking over LCDR Lara's position at USU!

Congratulations to all of our NCR Research and Inquiry Competition Presenters and Winners!

Case Report Presentations (Residents)

- IgA anti-platelet antibodies in breast milk contributing to neonatal autoimmune thrombocytopenia, LT Robert Crutcher

- When salmonella surprises – Progression of pyomyositis to osteomyelitis and brodie’s abscess following NTS infection, CPT Elizabeth Rahman

- Pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency in a newborn with congenital absence of the corpus callosum, Maj Sharen Wilson (2nd place)

- VACTERL-L: A unique presentation of VACTERL association with pulmonary manifestations, Capt Nicole Martin (2nd place)

- Open your eyes to a new variation of ethylmalonic encephalopathy, CPT Kevin Westbrook

Case Report Presentations (Fellows)

- Two cases of blau-like syndrome successfully treated with tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors, CPT Janet Jang

- Itching to get to the cause of a case of urticarial vasculitis, CPT Elena Crecelius

- Massive fetomaternal hemorrhage warranting novel use of tandem therapies, MAJ Christopher Stark (1st place)

Patient-and-Family-Centered Care

- Food insecurity and the impact of WIC, Capt Sidney Zven (1st place)

- Improving outpatient pediatric endoscopy counseling through utilization of an educational patient handout, CPT Janet Jang

Evidence-Based Practice and Performance, Quality Improvement

- Evaluation of a novel, evidenced-based, pediatric nutrition status screening protocol at a tertiary care military medical center, Maj Kolasinski (1st place)

- Combating food insecurity: Increasing WIC enrollment in the Military, Capt Amy Davis

- Development and implementation of a novel abscess trainer in graduate medical education, CPT Anthony Lucido

Laboratory Presentations

- Parity increases corticosterone response to restraint-induced stress after mild blast traumatic brain injury in mice, MAJ Sarah Anisowicz (2nd place)

Clinical Presentations

- Trends of cardiac complaints in pediatric and young adult populations during the Covid-19 pandemic, CPT Emily Ferraro

- Can preschool BMI changes flag children at highest risk for adolescent obesity? CPT Sarah Jiang

- Association between celiac disease and pneumococcal infections in hospitalized pediatric patients within the United States, CPT Janet Jang

- Salivary sampling as a noninvasive method of monitoring gentamicin levels in neonates, CPT Theresa Urbina

- pRu'ach: Mastery learning tele-training to ensure effective ventilation in neonatal resuscitation, LCDR Charles Groomes (2nd place)





Time and Location


Sunday, 5/14 Mother's Day & Elizabeth Rahman's Birthday 🎉

Monday, 5/15

MR: Case & MSK Exam Lecture, J Lopreiato

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Tuesday, 5/16

MR: Case & Common Musculoskeletal Problems, N Lopreiato

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

SOCR Meetings

Pre-scheduled appointments

MilMed Field Trip

1200 - 1600 See separate email and continuity clinic webpage for pre-work

Broughton, Kondiles, Mauro, Caballero, Ferraro, Howard, Davis, Martin, Warren

Wednesday, 5/17

Grand Rounds: The Evaluation and Management of Infant/Pediatric Scrotal Swelling, Karmon M. Janssen, DO, MS

0745 - 0845 Room A3, Bldg A, USUHS and Virtual Google Meet Platform

All welcome; outpatient providers/residents are highly encouraged to attend in-person

MilMed Field Trip

1200 - 1600 See separate email and continuity clinic webpage for pre-work

Bennett, Rahman, Reddington, Ghersi, Hasler, Lucido, Liggett, McNamara

Thursday, 5/18 National Speech Pathologist Day

MR: Case & Travel Medicine - Adventures with Bear Grylls Lecture, Penfold

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

MilMed Field Trip

1200 - 1600 See separate email and continuity clinic webpage for pre-work

Goetzman, Graziose, Wilson, Zven, Meyers, Patel, Sukenaga, Westbrook

Friday, 5/19

MR: Case & Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Lecture, Covington

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

I will be on leave 19-28MAY. For any acute call/morning report issues, please reach out to the following:

19-21MAY: Capt Sidney Zven (732) 325-5248‬

22-26MAY: CPT Brian Graziose ‭(516) 710-1483‬

27-28MAY: Capt Billy Bennett (401) 378-0357‬

Save the Date 🗓

Upcoming Birthdays 🎉

21MAY: JDRF Walk


24MAY: NICU Academic Half-Day

29MAY: Memorial Day

10JUN: Hail & Farewell

Do you have a birthday that you want added to the calendar? Email/text Britt



Meet our Rotating 4th Year Medical Students!

All Staff Updates

Religion in Medicine Panel: 23MAY

  • Mark your calendars for the next DEI MR session on 23MAY. We will be hosting a 6 panelist discussion on the topic of Religion in Medicine.

Faculty Leadership Position opening for AAP Chapter East

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics Uniformed Services Chapter East is looking for motivated pediatric clinicians to fill upcoming vacancies on the executive board. The Vice President assists in program development, district initiatives, planning for the annual gathering at the national meeting. The Member at Large aids in special projects with involvement time scalable to the member’s bandwidth. The treasurer manages fund dispersal, as well as annual taxes. The treasurer role is also joined with the secretary to aid in minutes during chapter meetings.

  • Being a part of the executive board affords an opportunity to learn about national AAP governance, as well as collaboration with district and section partners. Travel, when recommended, is funded by the AAP. Although not required, travel opportunities include the annual leadership forum each spring, the district meeting each summer, and the national conference each fall. The spring and summer meetings are in Itasca, which is near Chicago. The fall conference rotates in location each year. For any questions please reach out to Lt Col Nitasha Garcia (, immediate past president or Maj Caitlin Hammond (, current president. Thank you!

Hail & Farewell Coverage

  • We are looking for 1-2 volunteers to cover the ward Saturday 10JUN (0600-0600) to allow our hardworking residents to attend the NCC Peds Hail & Farewell. Below are the available shifts (this can either be two 12-hour shifts, or one 24-hour shift). A BIG thank you to the NICU team and their already planned coverage.

  • Saturday, 10JUN 0600 – 1700

  • Saturday, 10JUN 1700 – Sunday, 11JUN 0600

  • Email Britt (chief.resident@nccpeds) if you are interested!

Get to know our incoming interns and returning GMO

  • Check out the PDF below!

Get to Know Our Incoming Interns and Returning GMO
Download • 5.87MB

The Annual JDRF One Walk: Saturday, May 21st

Updated Base Gate Operations

  • Over the next few months, Naval Support Activity Bethesda will be working to expand its gate operations, providing more options for traffic entering and exiting the installation.

  • Gate 4 – which is the Navy Lodge gate located at the top of the USU garage tunnel exit ramp – will open from 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Do you want gate updates texted to your phone? Text "nsabtraffic" to 888777


Resident-Specific Updates

PI/QI Project

  • 6JUNE: Final Presentations

    • Each group should finalize their A3 Slides in order to present a summary of Steps 1-8.

    • You will have 10 minutes for your presentation.

    • If you haven't done so already, please ensure that one of the members of your group can present on 6/6.

Transition to Practice (PGY-3s only)

  • This week's focus: Out-Processing Section


Educational/Teaching Opportunities

USU Teaching Opportunities

Clerkship Round Robin (recurring throughout the year)


Research Opportunities & Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences:

6th annual Architecture of High Value Health Care: October 12-14th in Baltimore, MD

AAP NCE 2023: October 20-24th in Washington, DC






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