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Plan of the Week: May 21st - May 27th

Updated: May 26

Plays of the Week:

Plan of the week goes to Dr. Nicole Martin, who absolutely crushed an intubation of a sick sick term baby in the NICU!! The infant was on 100% FiO2 and despite a laryngospasm, she was able to give her team good instructions to help her pass the tube like a pro!

Just a reminder that today is THE LAST DAY to RSVP to the Hail & Farewell!





Time and Location


Sunday, 5/21 JDRF Walk

Monday, 5/22

MR: Education/Reverse Education

STAFF: 0730 - 0850 (America 2525 B/C)

RESIDENTS: 0745 - 0850 (Allergy Conf Rm 4105)

Academic/Military Advisors, Rotation Supervisors, Residency Leadership Only

Pediatric Residents Only


0700 - 1730

Pre-identified residents only

Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology Bake Sale 🍰🧁

1100 - 1300 America Bldg, Canyon Conf Rm

All welcome; the bake sale is to raise funds for Peds Resiliency (on a donation basis)

Tuesday, 5/23

DEI: Religion in Medicine Panel

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome


0715 - 1645

Pre-identified residents only

USU Walter Reed Surgery Grand Rounds: "Evolution of and Advances in Transgender Surgical Care," Roberto Travieso, MD

1200 - 1300 USU C2 Lecture Hall

All welcome

Wednesday, 5/24