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Plan of the Week: May 21st - May 27th

Updated: May 26, 2023

Plays of the Week:

Plan of the week goes to Dr. Nicole Martin, who absolutely crushed an intubation of a sick sick term baby in the NICU!! The infant was on 100% FiO2 and despite a laryngospasm, she was able to give her team good instructions to help her pass the tube like a pro!

Just a reminder that today is THE LAST DAY to RSVP to the Hail & Farewell!





Time and Location


Sunday, 5/21 JDRF Walk

Monday, 5/22

MR: Education/Reverse Education

STAFF: 0730 - 0850 (America 2525 B/C)

RESIDENTS: 0745 - 0850 (Allergy Conf Rm 4105)

Academic/Military Advisors, Rotation Supervisors, Residency Leadership Only

Pediatric Residents Only


0700 - 1730

Pre-identified residents only

Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology Bake Sale 🍰🧁

1100 - 1300 America Bldg, Canyon Conf Rm

All welcome; the bake sale is to raise funds for Peds Resiliency (on a donation basis)

Tuesday, 5/23

DEI: Religion in Medicine Panel

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome


0715 - 1645

Pre-identified residents only

USU Walter Reed Surgery Grand Rounds: "Evolution of and Advances in Transgender Surgical Care," Roberto Travieso, MD

1200 - 1300 USU C2 Lecture Hall

All welcome

Wednesday, 5/24


Academic Half-Day: NICU

1300 - 1500 Heroes Bldg (Bldg 5), Fourth Floor, HEAT Classroom 4008/4009

Medical Students & Residents Only

PI/QI Brainstorming Session

1500 - 1600 Heroes Bldg (Bldg 5), Fourth Floor, HEAT Classroom 4008/4009

Pediatric Residents Only; see the PI/QI section below for more details

Resident Happy Hour

1630 Tommy Joe's

Residents and Medical Students Only

Thursday, 5/25

MR: Case & Operational Medicine Lecture, O'Meara

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Friday, 5/26

MR: Wellness

0745 - 0850 America 2525 B/C

All welcome

I will be on leave 19-28MAY. For any acute call/morning report issues, please reach out to the following:

19-21MAY: Capt Sidney Zven (732) 325-5248‬

22-26MAY: CPT Brian Graziose ‭(516) 710-1483‬

27-28MAY: Capt Billy Bennett (401) 378-0357‬

Save the Date 🗓

Upcoming Birthdays 🎉

29MAY: Memorial Day

30MAY: Sukenaga Journal Club

1JUN: Rahman CPC

5JUN: Block 13 Starts

10JUN: Hail & Farewell

Do you have a birthday that you want added to the calendar? Email/text Britt



Meet our Rotating 4th Year Medical Students!

All Staff Updates

Genetics Coverage: 20-26 May

  • Dr. Schacht will be out of town from 20-26 May. The Genetics consult phone (301-646-9017) will still be answered and can be used. You will still be able to put in consults via Genesis as well.

  • The CNMC team has agreed to cover for any abnormal newborn screens while he is on leave. If there is an urgent metabolic consult, please call the CNMC call number at (202) 476-5000 and ask for the metabolic team.

Alexander T. Augusta Military Medical Center (ATAMMC)

  • Fort Belvoir Community Hospital (FBCH) will now be the Alexander T. Augusta Military Medical Center (ATAMMC), in honor of Dr. Alexander T. Augusta, the first African-American Physician in the US Army.

  • The hospital will colloquially be called A.T. Augusta (akin to how WRNMMC calls itself 'Walter Reed').

  • For a quick read but concise biography on Dr. Alexander T. Augusta, feel free to check out this link

Pharmacy MHS Genesis Updates

  • Use AMS Connect to engage directly with Pharmacy team in outpatient and inpatient settings to clarify medication types/doses/needs for individual patients

  • An update that Q Anywhere 2.0 is in the works and will allow for further identifying new meds plus allowing for patient comments (i.e. I have to pick up a new medications but I also need these refills..)

  • Ensure you are "launching" a new order for medications as opposed to adding new medications in the "Document Medication History" section when reconciling medications

  • If a provider is unsure if a particular medication is in stock, they should contact the outpatient pharmacy via AMS Connect before ordering and sending the patient to the pharmacy

  • When changing instructions on a prescription, ensure to update the "Instructions for Patients" section and avoid placing in "Comments" section (the pharmacist can't see all lines in the Comments section)

Peds ID Travel Clinic Updates

  • Just a friendly reminder that Peds ID Travel Clinic is NOT seeing patients who will be PCSing to Japan or South Korea. Please review the attached guidance regarding vaccinations recommended prior to PCS that can be ordered by the PCM.

  • You may have also heard about the Tick-Borne Encephalitis (TBE) vaccination that was recently FDA approved and available in our immunizations clinic. Peds ID travel clinic has created a single-page handout as guidance to determine who may be eligible. Note this is a 3 shot series so will take up 6 months before truly effective. It can be ordered by PCMs (does not require Peds ID / Travel clinic referral) but there are very few children who would qualify for this series.

TBE Vaccine Guidance Handout
Download PDF • 229KB
Travel Guidance PCS Japan or South Korea
Download PDF • 642KB

Ordering Spacers in MHS Genesis

  • When ordering – just pick any spacer based on the general type (without a mask or with a mask and specific size).

  • The pharmacy staff will see the order, and rewrite it to fill the order with whatever is currently the brand in stock (which may change over time).

  • In the pharmacy location “Send to” box it will say “Do Not Send: Route to Federal Pharmacy” – and this will be visible to any DOD pharmacy.

  • Please remind patients if you put an order in for a spacer so they can be sure they get it.

Faculty Leadership Position opening for AAP Chapter East

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics Uniformed Services Chapter East is looking for motivated pediatric clinicians to fill upcoming vacancies on the executive board. The Vice President assists in program development, district initiatives, planning for the annual gathering at the national meeting. The Member at Large aids in special projects with involvement time scalable to the member’s bandwidth. The treasurer manages fund dispersal, as well as annual taxes. The treasurer role is also joined with the secretary to aid in minutes during chapter meetings.

  • Being a part of the executive board affords an opportunity to learn about national AAP governance, as well as collaboration with district and section partners. Travel, when recommended, is funded by the AAP. Although not required, travel opportunities include the annual leadership forum each spring, the district meeting each summer, and the national conference each fall. The spring and summer meetings are in Itasca, which is near Chicago. The fall conference rotates in location each year. For any questions please reach out to Lt Col Nitasha Garcia (, immediate past president or Maj Caitlin Hammond (, current president. Thank you!

Hail & Farewell Coverage

  • We are looking for 1-2 volunteers to cover the ward Saturday 10JUN (0600-0600) to allow our hardworking residents to attend the NCC Peds Hail & Farewell. Below are the available shifts (this can either be two 12-hour shifts, or one 24-hour shift). A BIG thank you to the NICU team and their already planned coverage.

  • Saturday, 10JUN 0600 – 1700

  • Saturday, 10JUN 1700 – Sunday, 11JUN 0600

  • Email Britt (chief.resident@nccpeds) if you are interested!


Resident-Specific Updates

PI/QI Projects

  • 24MAY: Project Brainstorming Session

  • 6JUNE: Final Presentations

    • Each group should finalize their A3 Slides in order to present a summary of Steps 1-8.

    • You will have 10 minutes for your presentation.

    • If you haven't done so already, please ensure that one of the members of your group can present on 6/6.

Transition to Practice (PGY-3s only)


Educational/Teaching Opportunities

USU Teaching Opportunities

Clerkship Round Robin (recurring throughout the year)


Research Opportunities & Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences:

6th annual Architecture of High Value Health Care: October 12-14th in Baltimore, MD

AAP NCE 2023: October 20-24th in Washington, DC


Community Pediatrics Updates:

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Spotlight:

DHA PI 6025.15 for Gender Affirming Care

  • Please see the attached DHA PI 6025.15 for Gender Affirming Care has been officially signed by the DHA Director. Keynote is FFS, voice training, and hair removal in preparation for GAS (gender affirming care) are now officially considered medically necessary and may be provided in the MTF.

DIR SIGNED TAB A_DHA-PI 6025.15 Gender Affirming Care_PSO (4.19.23)_clean
Download PDF • 425KB

AAP Advocacy Guide

  • Explore the AAP Advocacy Guide, Resources for Pediatricians

  • The Academy's new digital Advocacy Guide provides AAP members with the information, tools and resources they need to be effective child health advocates. The guide offers an in-depth look at different advocacy skills, from choosing an issue and crafting an effective advocacy message to communicating with lawmakers or using the media to amplify your efforts.

  • The guide is designed for advocates at all levels - with interactive tools and practical guidance to help shape your own advocacy journey. Advocates can navigate the guide's main sections using the icons on the homepage, choosing to start at the beginning or focusing on a specific advocacy skill.






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