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Plan of the Week: May 26th - June 1st

Plays of the Week:

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Thank you to the Inpatient Ward and NICU teams that are covering this weekend. I hope everyone takes some time to relax, spend time with their loved ones, and reflect on the holiday. Especially in light of our recent trip to Arlington National Cemetery, thinking of the sacrifices of those others who have served and lost their lives.

Play of the week to the entire Peds Endo Department, who put together a team for the JDRF Walk!

Play of the week to Dr. Nicole Martin, who did an excellent job dropping an NG tube on her classmate, Dr. Kevin Westbrook during the GI Academic Half Day!

Shout out to Dr. Anna Casey, who celebrated her Resident-led Baby Shower at the Housestaff Meeting. Congratulations to you, Caston, and Charlie!





Time and Location


Monday, 5/27


Tuesday, 5/28

MR: Case, Lecture: Heat-related Injuries - Dr. Singh

0745-0850 America 2525

All Welcome

Wednesday, 5/29

MR: Case, Lecture: Ward Diabetes Mellitus SOP/Insulin Dosage and Administration - Dr. Paz

0745-0850 Canyon Conference Room

All Welcome

Thursday, 5/30

MR: Lecture: Immune Mediated and Pigmentary Disorders - Dr. Wojnarski, Case 0810-0840

0730-0850 America 2525

All Welcome

Friday, 5/31

MR: Board Review

0745-0850 America 2525

Pediatric Residents and Medical Students Only

Intern Class Retreat

All Day

Save the Date 🗓

Upcoming Birthdays 🎉

27MAY: Memorial Day

29JUN: Taylor Meyers

31MAY: Intern Class Retreat

03JUN: Block 13 Starts

03JUN: TTP Starts

04JUN: PI/QI Final Presentations in NiCOE

07JUN: Hail and Farewell

12JUN: Joint Surgery-Peds Grand Rounds

14JUN: Graduation Day

17JUN: Supervisory Seminar in NiCOE

18JUN: Resident-Faculty Kickball Morning Report Game

25JUN: Intern Welcome Lunch

Continuity Clinic: Sports Pre-participation Physical II



All Staff Updates

Resident-Faculty Kickball Game

  • Who: NCC Peds Staff vs. Residents. Fellows, medical students and rising PGY-1 welcome!

  • What: NCC Peds Annual Kickball Game 

  • When: 0730-0900 18 June 

  • Where: USU Softball Field

  • Why: Take part in a time-honored NCC Peds tradition. Back in 2017 when Dr. Patterson was a Major and Rob shared an intern desk with Dr. Arora, the residents and attendings took the field in a quarterly showdown to release pent-up frustrations that Reverse-Ed meetings couldn't quite placate. A tradition that was lost in the pandemic, but we're bringing it back! As per tradition, the resident team will wear bright colors and the attending team will wear black. 

Library Updates:

  • The AAP Journals Gateway is now added to the Walter Reed Library, this allows an expedited search of Pediatrics, AAP Grand Rounds, Hospital Pediatrics, Pediatrics in Review, and NeoReviews simultaneously. Check it out here:

C. Everett Koop Lecture

  • Joint Pediatrics-Pediatric Surgery Grand Rounds

  • Wednesday, June 12th from 0800-1000 in America 2525

  • Adolescent/Young Adult Cancer Presentation by our own Dr. Sarah Cole

MICC/Ward Scrub Policy Update

Faculty Development


Resident-Specific Updates

End-of-Year PD Meetings:

Resident Pre-Meeting Checklist:

[ ] Update your MedHub Resident Portfolio (Journal Club, SOCR/ARM activities, CPC, QI/PI projects, ILP)

[ ] Update your Procedure Log on MedHub

[ ] Complete 50% of PREP questions (either for current year or cumulative)

PD Meeting Google Calendar Link


* Access the calendar on your phone or other personal device

* Look at 6/14-7/12 (If you are PCSing early, email me separately to set up a time on 6/3 or 6/4)

* Availability is listed as "Dr. Hepps PD Meeting Slots"

* Within the block of availability ADD a NEW 30-min block with your name

PI/QI Final Presentations:

  • Each group should finalize their A3 Slides  in order to present a summary of Steps 1-8. 

  • You will have 10 minutes for your presentation. 

Hail and Farewell: RSVP by 29MAY!!

Transition to Practice (PGY-3s Only):

This week's focus: End of Training Documentation & Faculty Appointments

  • Review "Privileged Provider/ EOT Documentation" Section: DHA165- Program will prepare for you DHA 367- Send to your Academic Advisor, then upload to JCCQAS & MedHub Portfolio Privileging Procedure Form- Upload to MedHub.  Once signed by PD, upload to JCCQAS

  • Review "Faculty Appointments at USUHS" Section: - Plan to submit your CV, USU Form 107, USUHS Faculty Form, and Letter of Support (includes Command Endorsement) before the end of June

Block 13 Schedules - Rotation Contacts Updated FEB2024

  • Don't forget to reach out to your Rotation Supervisors regarding your schedule if you have any questions/concerns. The below attachment has the most up-to-date contact information.

  • Additionally, check MedHub and review updated goals & objectives for your upcoming rotation!

Rotation Contacts_for residents_UPDATED February 2024
Download PDF • 140KB


Educational/Teaching Opportunities

USU Teaching Opportunities

Clerkship Round Robin (recurring throughout the year)

ICR Module Small Group Teaching Opportunities at USU

POET Round Robin Teaching at USU


Research Opportunities & Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences

2024 Section on Uniformed Services Scientific Awards Abstract Competition -September 27th - October 1st in Orlando, FL (AAP Conference)

National Medical Association Conference -August 3rd-7th in New York City

SOPT Trainee News & Views Blog


Community Pediatrics Updates:

DC Pride Parade

Sat. June 8th, 1500

Interested in supporting military-connected LGBTQ+ youth during the Pride Parade? 

Email/text Noelle ( or (240) 490-1969)

DEI Grand Rounds: June 7th






Please reach out to Jack at or with any questions or concerns.

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