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Plan of the Week: Nov 20 - Nov 26

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Plays of the Week:

Play of the week goes to Drs. Anthony Lucido, Amy Davis and the 3 West Staff who received the following recognition from a patient's family: "From the moment we arrived via transport and she was set up in her room, until the moment we left ... the providers in 3 West were outstanding! The attentive nursing staff was so wonderful. They even played with my daughter when she was feeling up to it. The doctors walked us through every step of her care and treatment. I was so impressed by the level of care, it is reassuring that I have chosen to keep my family on Tricare Prime with treatment at the MTFs." "The staff in 3 West are exceptional."

Play of the week also goes to Dr. Bailey Howard, who took incredible ownership of a profoundly sick patient in the PICU, provided much-needed continuity between multiple attending providers, and professionally and compassionately helped the whole family navigate very difficult decisions. She did this while also taking time to ensure that the rest of the ward team had what they needed. Amazing teamwork!





Time and Location


Monday, 11/21

MR: Case and Lymphoma Lecture, Smith

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Tuesday, 11/22

MR: Housestaff Meeting

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

Pediatric Residents only

Wednesday, 11/23

MR: Case and Allergic Rhinitis Lecture, Miller

0745 - 0845 Bldg 19 Shore Conf Rm 1118

All welcome

Service Opportunity: drive and deliver prepared uncooked Thanksgiving meals to needy families in the NCA (most are in MD, but a few are in DC and NOVA)

1200-1600 Pick up meals at M&M Appliance, 6201 Blair Rd, NW, DC between 1200-1400

​Contact: Jeff Greenwald @ 240-401-1261 or to let him know your availability

Thursday, 11/24 Thanksgiving Day🦃

Outpatient Clinics Closed; No Case or Lecture

Friday, 11/25 Native American Heritage Day

Minimal Manning Day; No Case or Lecture

Save the Date 🗓

Upcoming Birthdays 🎉

1DEC: Case Report Hackathon

9DEC: Anthony Lucido's Birthday

8DEC: Ben Jack's CPC

9DEC: Holiday Party ❄️

12DEC: Block 7 Starts

14DEC: Match Results

19DEC: First Day of Hanukkah 🕎



All Staff Updates

NCCPeds Merchandise Store

  • The Winter NCCPeds Merchandise Store is officially open just in time for the holiday wishlists! The store will close Saturday, 10DEC2022.

  • All orders will be picked up by the Chief Resident and distributed once completed.

Holiday Week Gate Changes (21NOV2022-15JAN2023)


    • GATE 1: Open 24/7

    • GATE 2: Open Monday-Friday, 0500-1700 for inbound and outbound traffic.

    • GATE 3 (NEX): Open Monday-Friday, 0500-0800 to inbound & outbound traffic. Open 1300-1700 for outbound traffic only.

    • GATE 4: Remains closed.

    • GATE 5 (USU): DoD ID card holders only. Open Monday-Friday, 0500-1700 to inbound & outbound


    • GATE 1 - Open 24/7

    • GATE 2:

      • Turnstiles - Open 24/7

      • ADA Gate - Monday-Friday, 0500-1700 ADA pedestrians may also access the installation via Gate 1 (North Gate) where the Visitor Control Center is located.

      • ADA Gate - Weekends - Closed

    • GATE 3 (NEX) - Open Monday-Friday, 0500-0800 and 1300-1700, for inbound and outbound for pedestrians and cyclists.

    • GATE 4 - Remains closed.

    • GATE 5 (USU) - Open 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Closed on weekends.

Peds Outpatient Respiratory Infographic

WR Outpt Resp Infographic 2022
Download PDF • 1.65MB

Comfort Cases Donation Drive

  • Will you show your support this holiday season by making a donation to our Comfort Cases Donation Drive? Comfort Cases’ mission is to inspire communities to bring dignity and hope to youth in foster care through Comfort, Community, Character, and Compassion. They provide children entering foster care with backpacks filled with comfort and personal care items, since often times these children go into foster care with only the clothes on their backs, or given a trash bag to carry their belongings. Please drop off your donations in one of two train boxes located in Peds Specialty or Peds Primary. Donations will be collected until December 16th.

Download PDF • 582KB

Amoxicillin Shortage and Alternatives

  • There is a nationwide Amoxicillin shortage that may impact patient care in the near future.

  • If Amoxicillin is not available, pharmacy will contact providers to request an alternative medication order. Attached is a list of alternative antibiotics that can be used in place of Amoxicillin that was developed by Peds ID and Pharmacy for your reference. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Peds ID or Pharmacy with any questions.

Amox Shortage Alternatives_Nov 2022
Download PDF • 93KB


Resident-Specific Updates

Semi-Annual PD Meeting

  • 30-minute session to review your progress from the 1st half of the academic year and your short and long-term goals.

  • Scheduling

    • PD Meeting Google Calendar Link:


      • Access the calendar on your phone or other personal device

      • Look at 11/21-12/22

      • Availability is listed as "Dr. Hepps PD Meeting Slots"

      • Within the block of availability, ADD a NEW 30-min block with your name, indicating your preferred meeting time

    • PRO-TIPS:

      • Do not delete or type over the "Dr. Hepps PD Meeting Slots", as this deletes the entire slot for the day.

      • Make sure you are entering your NEW slot into the "NCC Peds PD Meeting Calendar" and not your personal calendar, which is the default on most devices.

      • If you're having trouble using the GoogleCalendar, text or email Dr. Hepps which slot you want, and she will enter it into the calendar.

  • Pre-Meeting Work:

    • PD Semi-Annual Review Template: complete the "Resident Requirements" at the bottom of page 1 (see below)

    • Procedure Verification Report: update your procedure log on MedHub

    • Update MedHub Resident Portfolio: upload documents to your portfolio (find the step-by-step guide on the Resident Homepage)

    • Initiate Military Training Report (Army- OER support form; Navy- Block 41; AF- nothing to do right now)

PD Semiannual Review template-AY22-23
Download PDF • 174KB


Please complete a short survey asking residents their thoughts on what would have been helpful to them as medical students preparing for a military residency. Survey will close on 31Dec.

MHS Genesis Updates:

PI/QI: Next Session is 6DEC


Educational/Teaching Opportunities

USU Teaching Opportunities (NEW OPPORTUNITY)


Research Opportunities & Upcoming Conferences

SOCR Abstract Submission Review Service: If you would like to get feedback on your abstract before you submit to any conference, please send a copy to Dr. Zanetti and Dr. Kolasinski, ideally 4, but at least 2 weeks before the deadline for review.

AAP 2023 CATCH Grant Cycle Now Open (NEW)


15th Annual Research & Innovations Month (May)


Abstract Submission (NEW)

Upcoming Conferences:

AMSUS Annual Meeting 2023: February 13-16th at the Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center, National Harbor, MD

2023 Helfer Annual Meeting (NEW SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY)

Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Conference 2023 (NEW OPPORTUNITY): April 27-May 1st in Washington, DC






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