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Plan of the Week: Oct 9 - Oct 15

Plays of the Week:

Play of the week goes to Drs. Anthony Lucido and Bailey Howard for stepping up and helping orient a fellow resident.

Play of the week also goes to Drs. Graziose, Smith, Chokshi, Hisle-Gorman, who won the $25k VPR Discovery grant for their project involving the identification of factors that improve or are barriers to WIC enrollment, followed by focus groups to evaluate the final proposed intervention (food insecurity counselor for each region).





Time and Location


Monday, 10/10 Indigenous People's Day

No Morning Report

Tuesday, 10/11

MR: CPC, Graziose

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Wednesday, 10/12

SIM/Skills: Access Skills; PIV (PA Kline), IO (Dr. Rees), Arterial Sticks (Dr. Zanetti)

0745 - 0845 SIM Center (4th Floor Heroes Bldg) **3rd Deck Team report to the PICU**

Medical Students and Residents Only SIM/Skills Google Classroom

Thursday, 10/13

MR: Case and Journal Club, Warren

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

Friday, 10/14

MR: Case and Ophthalmology Lecture, Ballard

0745 - 0850

America 2525 B/C

All welcome

I will be on leave from 10-14OCT and will be taking boards 13OCT. For any acute call/morning report issues, please reach out to the following:

Save the Date 🗓

Upcoming Birthdays 🎉

17OCT: Block 5 Starts

18OCT: Rob Crutcher's Birthday

24OCT: Diwali

5NOV: Lauren Schroeder's Birthday

31OCT: Halloween

6NOV: Andrew Warren's Birthday

4NOV: Hanciles Journal Club

9NOV: Lisa Sukenaga's Birthday

6NOV: Daylight Savings Time Ends



Meet our Rotating Medical Students!


All Staff Updates

The new SCUTDOG is here; stop by morning report or the Chief Resident office to pick up your physical copy. You can also download the digital version here.

Morning Report CME Credit

There is a new sign-in at morning report for CME. Follow the instructions below. Once you are registered, the sign-in will be updated with your name in the drop-down list. If you have any questions/concerns, please contact Dr. Sam Rowe.

Instructions to sign-up for the new morning report CME series: 1. Go to 2. Click on 'Activity Registration' from the menu on the left. 3. Search for “Current Topics in Pediatrics – FY 2023 WRNMMC". The activity ID is 2022-0803. 4. Register!

Flu Drive

  • Staff: October 11-21st from 0700-1500 Mon-Fri in the COVID Vaccine Site (Arrowhead Zone, Bldg 9)

  • Patients: October 24th

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

The annual pumpkin contest will take place on 31OCT by the patients. Each department will have one table, and decorations can be placed the week of 24-28OCT; decorations must be removed by 1NOV. Please e-mail Ms. Putney ( NLT 17 OCT 2022 if your department will participate in the contest this year!

Aiding Families through Deployment

  • We are looking to create a set of resources that can be used to support active-duty families before, during, and after deployments, particularly related to the psychosocial effects of parental separation on children.

  • Please complete the following survey: (if staff, choose "other")

  • In our two-pronged approach, we hope to further educate and prepare pediatricians for assisting families during these times, as well as create a resource for families. We hope that by familiarizing pediatricians with, and educating parents on, the known effects of deployment we will be able to provide an extra layer of support for these children.

AAP SOUS Newsletter

  • Call for submissions: interested in essays on personal experiences, pediatric or operational expertise, description of innovative programs, and artistic endeavors, including visual or written art!

  • The newsletter is a great way to showcase the wonderful work going on within the section as well as assist others in creative problem-solving as they work in the military pediatrics setting.

  • Send all submissions to at your earliest convenience (NLT October 21).

Email Troubleshooting

  • Having CAC issues? The following guides here may help and save you a trip to the One Stop Shop

  • Once you have converted over to the new domain name, please make sure you update any accounts or subscription services that use your email address. Please make sure the following are updated:

Websites to Update Email Address to
Download PDF • 188KB


Resident-Specific Updates

Please reach out to your Block 5 rotation supervisors and let them know your schedule (Continuity Clinics, ARM days, leave, etc.)

Annual Regulatory Training

MHS Genesis Updates:

PI/QI: Next Session is 1NOV

  • Please notify your stakeholders prior to the next meeting

  • Please view your project-specific template and assign the resident team lead for each future session

  • Emails

    • BG Protocol:

    • Discharge Appts:

    • Patient Education:

    • WIC:


Educational/Teaching Opportunities

APPD AIMS (Advancing Inclusiveness in Medical Education Scholars) Program Application Opening

USU Teaching Opportunities


Research Opportunities & Upcoming Conferences

Next SOCR meeting: October 18th

  • We will convene from 0700-0745, assigning a 15-minute block of time to any resident who wishes to participate. If there is more interest/need, there is the potential to convene from 1200-1300 as well, but we are preferentially filling the AM slots.

  • Please email Dr. Nate Kolasinski directly if you would like a slot!

  • Reasons to request a slot include:

    • You have an active ARM project but have not been in contact with the SOCR committee in the past 6 months - time to provide an update!

    • You have an upcoming research elective that has not yet been presented to SOCR - SOCR needs to sign off!

    • You don't have a second ARM half-day, but want one, and would like to discuss ideas or even submit a formal proposal - let's chat!

Upcoming Conferences:

Conference on Military Perinatal Research (COMPRA): November 4-6, 2022

AMSUS Annual Meeting 2023: February 13-16th at the Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center, National Harbor, MD

Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Conference 2023: April 27-May 1st in Washington, DC






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