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Plan of the Week: April 3 - 9

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Play of the Week:

Kudos to Jonathan Goc, anesthesia intern, and Nelson Vick for their superb performance in clinic during an acute event. Dr. Goc was evaluating a patient for foot pain when she had a change in mental status and muscle tone that was concerning for seizure vs. convulsive syncope. He immediately called for help, and worked with Dr. Vick and the clinic attendings to stabilize the patient. Dr. Vick excelled as an educator during this encounter. He calmly assessed the situation and empowered Dr. Goc to identify a differential diagnosis and the next steps for evaluation. He obtained additional history and determined that the event was most likely a convulsive syncopal episode, and comforted the patient and her mother. Additionally, Dr. Vick conducted a team debrief after the patient was transferred to the Emergency Department, reflecting both on the team's successes and opportunities for improvement. Their teamwork was impeccable and the care they delivered was outstanding. Awesome work, Dr. Goc and Dr. Vick!

Bravo to Sidney Zven for his exemplary work in coordinating care for a medically complex patient in the NICU. The NICU team received a call from Fort Belvoir about a baby for which there was clinical concern for Noonan syndrome. Dr. Zven took the initiative to reach out to pediatric cardiology and genetics for recommendations, arranged times for blood draws and appointments, and coordinated a PCM appointment for the patient at Walter Reed. He closed the loop with the NNP at Fort Belvoir once the plan was finalized, and put the parents' concerns at ease. He went above and beyond in delineating a thoughtful and comprehensive follow-up plan for the patient. Well done, Dr. Zven!

A huge shout-out to Sarah Khan for her effortless teamwork this weekend as the cross-covering senior resident on the ward. An infant with FPIES presented to the ED with profuse emesis after trialing soy formula, as the family had run out of their specialty elemental formula. Dr. Khan personally delivered elemental formula to the family to tide them over until their DME order arrives during the week. She rendered phenomenal patient-centered care. Nice job, Dr. Khan!


Morning Report Schedule



Topic and Speaker



Monday, 4/4

0745 - 0850

Case and Puberty Lecture, Dr. Jiang

All welcome

Hybrid ZoomGov and In-Person, America 2525 B/C

Tuesday, 4/5

0745 - 0850

PI/QI Meeting: Working Session for the teams

Pediatric residents, faculty mentors, and invited stakeholders only. Medical students and visiting interns are excused.

In-Person Only, America 2525 B/C

Wednesday, 4/6

0745 - 0850

USU Grand Rounds: Administration and Optimal Timing of Parental Nutrition in the Critically Ill Late Preterm and Term Neonate (Dr. Savioli), and Neonatal Immune Response to SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Vaccination During Pregnancy (Dr. Smith)

All welcome

Hybrid USU Zoom and In-Person, Lecture Room A3, Building A, USU

Meeting ID: 999 6780 8867

Passcode: 7271775

Please be advised that USU Zoom will NOT work on DoD computers, and can be accessed from personal devices.

1700 - 1730

Andy Cohen Virtual Meet and Greet! Hosted by the NCC Wellness Committee in conjunction with the USO

All welcome

Join in Clark Auditorium for the livestream event!

If unable to join in person, register here and you will be emailed a link

Thursday, 4/7

0745 - 0850

Clinicopathologic Conference: Dr. Blackburn

All welcome

Hybrid ZoomGov and In-Person, America 2525 B/C​

Friday, 4/8

0745 - 0850

DEI: Religion in Medicine, Part 1

All welcome

In-Person Only, America 2525 B/C​

The ZoomGov credentials for morning report, unless otherwise specified, are:

Meeting ID: 161 424 8612

Passcode: scutdog

If you are presenting a case or lecture: please save your presentations to the ShareDrive in the folder corresponding to the year and month of your presentation: \\WRNMDFPISISMBD1\DeptShares$\Dept1\_Pediatrics\MorningReport Lectures.

Continuity Clinic: Injury Prevention



All Staff:

  • Staff and residents are highly encouraged to join the Friday, 4/8 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion session in person. The DEI Committee has assembled a panel of esteemed religious leaders to talk about Religion in Medicine, and the discussion will be optimized by in-person attendance. See flyer below for details on the panelists.

Peds DEI Religion and Medicine Handout
Download PDF • 446KB
  • The Centralized Screening Area (CSA) has relocated to the COVID Vaccine Site on the first floor of building 9. It is open Monday - Friday from 0800 - 1600

  • The NSAB gate hours are changing effective 4 April 2022. Please review this link. Briefly:

    • Gate 1 (North Gate): Open 24/7 to vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

    • Gate 2 (South Gate): Open M-F 0500 - 1800 for inbound and outbound vehicles. Open 24/7 for pedestrians and cyclists.

    • Gate 3 (NEX): Open M-F 0500 - 0800 for inbound and outbound vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, and 1300 - 1900 only for outbound vehicles, and inbound or outbound pedestrians and cyclists.

    • Gate 4: CLOSED

    • Gate 5 (USU): Open M-F 0500 - 1800 for DoD ID holders, pedestrians, and cyclists.

  • Interested in teaching medical students? Sign up here to lead pediatrics-relevant Integrated Clinical Reasoning sessions in September 2022. For more information, contact Dr. Jill Emerick at

  • Need to find contact information for staff or a department within the NCR medical facilities? Check out the electronic Scutdog here, or stop by the Chief Office (America Bldg, 4th Floor, Room 4560) for a print copy. Pediatrics Department Updates


  • For urgent, after-hours, or weekend issues, please call/text the Chief On-Call, listed in Amion.

    • Leela Patel: 3/29 - 4/5

    • Sam Rowe: currently on leave, returns on 4/6. Chief on-call from 4/6 - 4/17

  • Interested in reviewing a paper OR participating in advocacy and public policy? Contact Dr. Pat Reeves to learn about these opportunities.

  • Looking for information on credentialing, duty hours, and procedure logs? Please see below:

Credentialing, Procedure Logs, Duty Hours
Download PDF • 65KB

Feeling sick? Please click the arrow to the left for step-by-step instructions:



AAP abstract submissions are open until April 22, 2022. Click the button above to review their website. Be sure to review the submission guidelines based on the section to which you are submitting your abstract.

Residents -- please be advised that you can submit an abstract to the Section on Pediatric Trainees (SOPT; which is accepting case report abstracts) OR the Section on Uniformed Services (SOUS).

For SOUS, submissions need to fall within one of the award topics below:

Residents, please keep the following information regarding SOCR in mind

PI/QI Milestones:


Military Specific:





Wellness and Feedback:

Wellness Resources Table- this contains a comprehensive listing of behavioral health resources accessible to trainees in our program.

Physician Wellness Resources Library- this site lists open-access online resources that promote physician wellness.

Feedback Venues Table- this table details the various avenues through which trainees can give feedback and the degree of anonymity conferred by each.


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